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    MTNL Announces new broadband plans starting 26th Jan 2012

    What a waste indeed. I'm sticking to my 888 Unlimited plan. 2Mbps from 8PM to 8AM FTW!!!
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    Samsung Galaxy S Family Thread

    @clown_abhi....dude, You don't need any custom ROMs (and yes, there's plenty of support for it). I've recently picked up a used Galaxy S for 14K, Installed Gingerbread 2.3.3 (Europe release) and it's running super smooth. Officially, India hasn't received Gingerbread yet so you'll be stuck with...
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    [MTNL] New UNLIMITED Plans starting Rs.555/- | Day:320Kbps, Night:1Mbps | Mumbai Only

    Re: [MTNL] New UNLIMITED Plans starting Rs.555/- | Day:320Kbps, Night:1Mbps | Mumbai Just got a call from MTNL...said the new plan will take effect in two days ...cant wait :D
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    Looking for a Smartphone for a friend~ 9k-15k : Need urgent suggestions

    Your best bet right now is the Samsung Galaxy Ace...dont think there's anything more VFM at that price point
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    [MTNL] New UNLIMITED Plans starting Rs.555/- | Day:320Kbps, Night:1Mbps | Mumbai Only

    Re: [MTNL] New UNLIMITED Plans starting Rs. 555/- | Day: 320 Kbps & Night:1Mbps @pr0ing...nicely done. Me too currently on the 999 plan and will be switching to the 888 plan. It will be cheaper, plus the speeds are wayyy better so overall good value. I called up 1500 yest and the lady said to...
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    iPhone 4 User , Is LG Optimus 2X is worth for chngeover

    The Optimus 2X has minor issues with the interface being a bit jerky. LG says they are going to fix that in the new update but still I dont think it's worth the switch. If you're set on dual core then like the other said, the Sammy SII is certainly worth the wait.
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    Graphic Cards GTX 550 Ti Reviews

    Here's another one : ZOTAC GTX 550 Ti Amp Edition Review
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    Video Media Player Suggestions

    The only media player with 3.5" drive support that I can think of is the Asus O!Play HD2, but its a bit more expensive (around 9K i think)
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    PS3 making noise

    My Slim makes a similar noise 10min or so after start up and then again after i turn it off, there'll be one or two pops when its cooling down i guess. I also noticed when the game is starting up or loading, the disc makes some sounds but then its silent. Dont worry, its perfectly normal.
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    What were the damages?
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    Paradise on Earth!

    Congrats dude, that's seriously awesome. looks like a piece of white chocolate ;P BTW, what were the damages? and how much did you get the Jailbreak dongle for?
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    Now even I'm eager to see what you've got. Is it the Walmart bundle? We need pics ASAP :)
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    Well if you check the forums, a lot of people started having issues with the PS3 after the update. Games and movies would not work any more. this mostly seems to affect the phat PS3s but i dont want to take a risk...i mean it's barely a day old :P
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    It came with 3.41. Kinda feeling iffy about 3.5 after hearing all the dead PS3s. I'll probably wait for the next version, in any case GOW does not need 3.5 to work so...
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    Just got my PS3 GameStop bundle home... Yettaaaaaaaaaa!!
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    I want NFS: HOT PURSUIT PC anyhow!!! Post availability..

    Played a bit of looks good but does anyone else feel the cars arent very responsive, i mean it feels like driving a boat and you cant make any split second turns...or is it just me?
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    Is it worth getting PS3 from the US?

    Just asked a friend to pick up the Gamestop bundle as well.... Now i've to wait till Wed till he gets here...Black Friday FTW!!!!!!!!!
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    how to activate vodafone GPRS on iphone 3gs

    Can you please verify if other apps like YouTube, Facebook, GMail also work? or is it just browsing? I've recently taken the IDEA 249 combo (which is kick-ass BTW) but still holding on to my Vodafone number. If all internet apps are working then their Rs.98 for 2GB a month plan would be awesome.
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    Suggest good GPRS service providers in Bengalooru

    Docomo has got the best and cheapest EDGE/GPRS plans among everyone. I'm in Mumbai and the network is decent but at my home I barely get proper network so I suggest you go for a pre-paid card and just try it out for a month or so.... Oh, and for the record...Vodafone are a bunch of thieves when...
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    Suggest me some GPRS plans

    Hehehe...ok, i didn't know that.... I will take the 15 bucks scheme once I exhaust this. Also it was just in my house where none of the websites were opening. Outside and at work, everything is working just fine, i've tried facebook, twitter, nimbuzz, youtube and even streaming