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    FS: Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000

    I got this as a gift... but I already have a HP wireless kit... So this goes FOR SALE :) Th real import price is Rs. 1164. But this is up at techenclave for 800 Rs. Contents: 1. Black and Silver (Black Pearl) Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse 1000 2. User Guide 3. Quick Start Manual Image...
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    File sharing / Gaming hub in mumbai

    Anybody staying in sher-e-punjab or jogeshwari who has exattnet ISP, is invited to join us on our file sharing/ CS server interested guys may contact me via Pm or sanz
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    User Guides Access any site while sitting behind firewalls, office systems etc

    Many people have problems accessing sites like orkut, myspace, rapidshare, etc. cause they are blocked by their offices, schools or firewalls. There are many methods described here but the best would be using proxies to get daily proxies follow these steps 1. Go to...
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    18 Charlie Chaplin B/W Movie CDs original

    Actually i got it free with my computer, but i'm not interested in seeing this movies. 18 movie cds with comic episodes of Charlie Chaplin
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    Britannica Encyclopedia Unltimate Reference Suite 2004 DVD

    As in title, I got it free with my hp comp and would like to sell it off (it was actually not for resale ;) Three complete libraries for each ages. Encyclopedia Britannica Library Britannica Student Library Britannica Elementary Library The full install size is of 12 GB!!
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    D-Link Ethernet Card 100MBps with Boot-Rom support

    Opened but unused, all original items retained as follows 1. D-Link DFE-538TX PCI NIC 2. Wake-On-Lan Cable 3. Driver Floppy (actually driverless in xp) 4. User's Guide 5. Registration Card I had thought of installing this card to make a private home network server, but then after buying I...