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    Graphic Cards Any graphics card repairer in Nehru Place??

    any one can suggest Any graphics Card repairer in Nehru Place?
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    Coolermaster BTX cooler

    I reuire a BTX Cooler of THERMALTEK or COOLERMASTER like in the attachment
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    BTX CPU cooler for my Intel D945GCZ with base plate

    BTX CPU 775 socket cooler for my Intel D945GCZ with base plate. The same can also be used IBM 775 Motherboards.
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    2nd Hand Programmer for bios programmaing

    2nd Hand HARDWARE Programmer for bios programmaing like "memprog". Also reqd adoptors for PLCC32 and TOSP32. Should be compatible for PLCC32, TOSP32
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    adapter rating of Tataindiacom GLB-502C modem

    I have one Tata-indicom Modem DLB-502C Broadband ADSL2+ Router of which adoptor is lost. i have not noted down the ratings. Can someone provide the adoptor ratings of the adoptor and whether AC/DC 9v/12v and the ampere rating is also reqd.
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    Wtb: Amd X2 5000+

    Wanted as stated higher AM2 CPU having AM2 mobo, so interested in good AMD Cpu within Rs.1500.
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    WTB: Good VGA Cooler for XFX 8600GT

    My XFX 8600GT has become old, and the original fan cannot control the heat and after one hour become non-operational. as ushc, requires a Good VGA Cooler for XFX 8600GT like the Zalman v9000.
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    Graphic Cards RMA information on XFX 8600 GT

    I purchased one XFX 8600GT from Nehru place, new delhi though i am from kolkata one and half years ago. Now that the card has gone kaput, i send someone with the card but he found the nehru place shop has changed. How to clain RMA of the 8600GT card from Kolkata?
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    WTB:Training CD for XI-XII -Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

    Training CD for XI-XII -Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics & i hope it is NOt a wrong place to mention that i am interested in all type study materials for Eng entrance exams like FITJEE / Kota institutes.
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    WTB: socket 478 socket -bga type-50 pcs

    i require for one of my friend socket 478 holder of motherboards
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    WTB:Eprom programmer with PLCC adoptor

    Interested in purchase of a used Eprom programmer with PLCC adoptor.
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    How to connect airtel walky with internet

    hey, can you tell me the procedure of connecting airtel walky to INTERNET for my lappy......
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    FS:two Crossfire bridge

    Recently i had to buy 3 crossfire bridge a Rs.700/- (cretainly not in buy one get two free). Will be selling two.
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    PC Peripherals Shop selling plastic lock at Nehru Place

    I am searching for plastic lock of INTEL original 775 socket FAN. Any one knowing shops selling the plastic locks at Nehru Place.
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    PC Peripherals shops selling tit-bits

    I am serching for Tit-bits like 1. Molex to 3 pin converter 2. ****Intel HSF's Plastic lock clip***** 3. Motherboard's DEBUG Card for Latest Mobos 4. Some power ICs for Motherboards "ADP 1880/1886" 5. Harddisk Logic card for seagate 40 GB Slim 6. USB Laptop debug card. Any shop in Delhi...
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    help in selecting programming technique

    I need a simple INVENTORY program, where 50 inventory program is listed and by its side the stock is displayed and there are two buttons "in" for adding and "out" for deducting stock. what programming technique would be best?
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    wrongly purchased WRV54G instead of WRT54G

    I purchased WRV54G instead of WRT54G which is a VPN Broadband router. I reqd simple BB Router, now what i can do with this VPN Router????
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    PC Peripherals any good spare parts dealer in India

    I am searching for some components/spares for motherboards like Mosfets (used in Motherboards)9116H, 09N03LA, Power ICs (used in Motherboards) ADP3180, ADP3168, ADP3163, ADP3165, ADP3188 IOs (for motherboards) IT8705F(GXS), Winbond WPCD376IAUFG from any dealer within INDIA. It wil now...
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    WTB: Winbond I/o Chip pc076IAUFG in bulk from China

    All these are required for repairing of Motherboards.
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    CPU/Mobo Required: Bios file of vesta motherboards

    there was a webiste where vesta motherboards bios files were available. cannot find now? any help