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    Brand New - Tagan BZ 800W PSU

    So it rained *rather poured* in Mumbai, last nite. I woke up happy abt the drop in room temps n hoping for full weekend of NFS Shift. I was still only partially awake when I turned on my spike guard to boot my PC. Little did I know when I shot the power pins *ya .. my setup is out of the cabby*...
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    WTB: IP35-E or equivalent mobo

    Looking for an ABIT IP35-E or an equivalent mobo, for a friend. He want's to use it along a Pentium D CPU, ATM. Will upgrade to a 45NM C2D, later. Some kind of warranty is a must. Local Tirupati, KMD or a weeks testing warranty, atleast. He doesn't mind a Nvidia 650~750 based chipset mobo...
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    WTB: 2x2GB +950MHz RAM

    Looking for a set of 2x2GB RAMs that are capable of +950MHz. I believe the 800MHz G.Skills, Patriot, Crucial, Corsair, etc, are capable @ 5-5-5, if not 4-4-4. Don't mind picking up a 1000MHz or a 1066MHz either but soon. Tirupati will ve the 2x2GB C4DHX & OCZ nvidia edition rated 1000MHz @...
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    CPU/Mobo Need a favor 4m non mumbai guys (TP i45)

    I ve my E8600 staring @ me for almost a week, still boxed, right next 2 my lappy as the Biostar T Power i45 motherboard has been out of stocks in Mumbai, 4 a while now. Was told to wait till this weekend 4 the new stocks but now m told 2 wait another week :@ So I thought of asking some1 who...
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    FS: GeCube HD 3870X2

    Bought locally...has the Samsung GDDR3 RAM chips and has local warranty. Date of purchase etc are on the bill pics, below. Both the cores ve been cleaned with ArctiClean and MX2 applied... tirupati knows abt it n will still honour warranty. I can help in the RMA process, if ever required...
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    WTB: 2 x 120/160GB SATA HDD

    I fried a cuz's Samsung 120GB last nite n need to replace it...urgently. Another friend wants to add a 120GB to his 80GB for all the doc n xml files :P So help me out guys.
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    OC & Modding OT Posts from *Super-Pi* Thread

    Nice run dude...but as rio mentioned, I'm sure much more can be achieved with the same hardware. I ve a 1st hand experience abt optimization and must say KIDDO ROCKS. But, I also know U prefer to ve unoptimized runs...and agree with U abt earnig Ur place in this small circle. But U ve no right...
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    E8400 Retail !!!

    Got 5 chips E8400 4m a local dealer. Batch #Q746xxxx They are the retail chips (not ES) They ve full local warranty. Cost is 9.6K and thats what I'm paying the dealer (not making any money off it) Took 5 of em to get this rate. PM or post here for cherry picking...1st come 1st choice ...
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    OC & Modding How abt some Oil Cooling !!!

    Damn...this was totally unbelivable :O YouTube - Mineral Oil Submerged Computer Just wished there were some OCs & benches shown :P But something worth trying :ashamed: wonder who among us is crazy enuff :S
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    WTB : Highend P35 series mainboard.

    M looking for a highend P35 series board like the ASUS P5K Deluxe/Blitz; Gigabyte P35 DQ6; ABIT IP35 Pro; DFI P35 TR; Foxconn P35A/MARS; etc...bought locally or abroad. Cost would depend on the condition. Need it urgent !!!
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    Graphic Cards 8800GT Custom Coolers (dialup warning)

    I couldn't play the waiting game any longer and gave in 2 the tempations of the latest release :ashamed: Had got a credit note of 16.7K INR, for my 2 months old PX8800GTS 320 which fortunately, Leadtek couldn't replace as they were out of stock :hap2: So I got me the cheapest available, the...
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    GO : ABIT IP35 & Fatal1ty Motherboards

    This is directly 4m Tirupati (therefore the rates) & includes 3 yrs local warranty @ the nearest Tirupati Service Center. Shipping will be at actuals, 4m the nearest Tirupati Distribution Center. Payment will ve 2 be made to me (details will be PMed 2 those interested) for which U'll get the...
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    WTB: C2D E4400/E6320/E6420/E6300 & PCIe 7800GT

    M looking 4 a C2D E4400/E6320/E6420/E6300 or a similar processor, 4 a friend...don't mind E6600/E6550 either but not if they r expensive...already ve Heat Sink Fan so quote without HSF !!! Also need a PCIe 7800/x1800/x1700 (DDR3) as my friend cannot afford +8K 7900/X1900 & he doesn't want 2...
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    FS: 1GB Transcend DDR2 667MHz Laptop RAM

    1GB (single stick) of Transcend PC5300 TQ123PGF6 T0709 SFH003-F93G (ROHS) for quick sale...bought it locally 3 months ago but don't ve the bill or the packing (installed it straight into my laptop 4m the packing at the shop) :rofl: It has lifetime warranty labeled :P Reason 4 sale...
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    WTB: New/Used 450+ PSU; 120mm Fan @ +80CFM & 8800GTS 320MB

    Urgently in need of the the costs of new, but m looking here a better deal here as m short of cash :P 1. PSU...should be able 2 run an OCed 8800 GTS 320MB along with an OCed E6750 on XFX 650i Ultra with OCed 2GB of RAM; 2 HHDs, 2 DVD writers & 5/6 120mm fans :O I m getting the...