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    [mdcomputers] Best deal on RTX 2080 GPU card [Under 40k]

    Was checking prices of RTX 2080 cards & found this nice deal. Also RTX 2080 super cards are selling at low too [Under 50k] I guess they are making space for new RTX 3000 series by clearing...
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    FS: Motherboard Gigabyte GA-P85-D3 Motherboard (Price reduced)

    Motherboard has crossfire support. And i am currently using the motherboard so its working fine. PM me if you have any queries. Now for Rs 2999 only for local buyers Price is not negotiable
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    Get 10k off on any zotac 980ti

    Use coupon code MD74359 at to get 10k off on any zotac 980ti graphic cards.
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    WTB Need a steelseries 5H headset

    Need a steelseries 5H v3 headset. Its fine if its not working but should be in one piece. PM me price shipped to mumbai.
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    Bitdefender Internet security 2014 licence 180days [Free]

    Hello guys :) You can get bitdefender Internet security licence valid for 180 days for free from below site. Offer is valid for next 26 hours So Hurry !!!!!
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    Hello People

    Hey guys, I am chandrakant from Mumbai. I am quite old member but not much active. I was just searching for deals & came across this introduction lounge. So i just stopped by to say hello to my fellow TE members. So Hello guys :P