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  1. greenhorn

    Audio What is your WFH Headphone / Earphone / Speaker that you use for office work?

    Plantronics voyager focus UC -> jabra evolve 75 -> epos adapt m563 and then back to the jabra. I have my sister's jabra evolve 40 usb I use sometimes with my office laptop as bluetooth is disabled and i find it alright, just not as comfortable, but sq is better in calls
  2. greenhorn

    PC Peripherals Computer shuts down during power cut even with SINE WAVE INVERTER

    I used to have this problem and it turned out to be my motherboard. Used to happen no matter what UPS I used, and other systems worked fine on the same ups
  3. greenhorn

    Are you passionate about your career/ job?

    I found my job boring and unfulfilling until I got married and got a couple of kids. Now I love it. I look for fulfillment and hobbies with my family and hobbies. As long as you are being paid to do something, youo will need to do it on the terms of those who pay you, and looking for...
  4. greenhorn

    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    The edifier is fine, but I would get the non bt version depending on the price difference. Once aptx hd and ldac recievers become cheaper you can upgrade by just buying a new bt reciever
  5. greenhorn

    FS: Office Hardware Logitech c920 Pro HD Webcam

    Nonsense! This forum created "Upgraditis". We define our own language :P
  6. greenhorn

    About inexpensive UPSes

    Usually you can get them in the 1.1 to 1.2k range. The deal for 850 was pretty good but it's now out of stock. Wait for the next one I guess
  7. greenhorn

    About inexpensive UPSes

    I wasn't too picky about the brands. I bought the cheapest ones, waited for a deal to be available and got them cheap. There is a deal going on in Amazon for a 12v 1a one right now for 850. I did buy a regular ups (zebronics cu 5013 optimised for smaller loads ) for my access points which are...
  8. greenhorn

    About inexpensive UPSes

    For routers, dedicated router ups makes better sense. Smaller and they provide much better backup (several hours)
  9. greenhorn

    FS: Networking JioFi JMR1040

    Recieved, working fine
  10. greenhorn

    Graphic Cards Cleaning up an old R9 270 Graphics card!

    That copper looks pretty neat for something that's years old. I think it may have some coating. The raw stuff tarnishes ready in my experience very quickly ( from my school days experience with copper coins ). Hopefully they can be laquerered or something?
  11. greenhorn

    What toys do you still play with?

    Hot wheels all the way. I think I have some 500 now
  12. greenhorn

    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    I think they've improved massively. Speaker transducer tech is one area where tremendous advances have been made. I bought a pair of Pioneer bs22 and they are amazing for that size and price compared to my older speakers
  13. greenhorn

    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    Buy a pair of bookshelves with good reviews for music. Buy a sub. Turn up the boom and use it only for games/ movies I use a pair of vintage philips hiq drivers with an nad3020 (the original series 20) and the sub from a Logitech z2300
  14. greenhorn

    FS: Home Audio Video Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant for sale

    That was the smart clock essential with the monochrome screen and night light. And good luck trying to register on the site and buying one :P
  15. greenhorn

    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    I think they ARE good for movies and games because if the decent bass, but limited for music because of the weak mids and highs
  16. greenhorn

    Audio Speakers for around 10k ?

    This is the first time I've heard someone say the Logitech is good for music but bad at games or movies. Usually it's the other way round
  17. greenhorn

    FS: Home Audio Video Lenovo Smart Clock with Google Assistant for sale

    If it helps, you can get it from 2gud as a refurb item for 3k with shipping but only 3 months seller warranty. 2gud is essentially Flipkart, and I've bought 4 smart speakers from them, all working fine and arrived as essentially unboxed items...
  18. greenhorn

    Budget 0-20k Mid-Life Laptop Upgrades
  19. greenhorn

    Budget 0-20k Mid-Life Laptop Upgrades

    My recommendation is internal wifi all the way. But if you have a decent n adapter already, it may not offer much gains. I upgraded my wife's adapter because the old one was not supporting bt in win 10. In my laptop, I upgraded it for the sake of upgrading. And though there were some gains, they...
  20. greenhorn

    Budget 0-20k Mid-Life Laptop Upgrades

    I have changed all three on my wife's 9 year old laptop and it works like a champ +4gb ram =1.5k +240g ssd=3k +Intel 7260ac =1k (it had an old Broadcom which didn't have win10 support) And beyond that New kbd assy = 1k New battery = 1.5k Don't go overboard with the ssd. Buy a cheap enclosure...