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  1. toxicdrift

    FS: Desktops AMD Ryzen 7 1700 + CH6 X370 MOBO + TridentZ RGB 16GB Kit

    moved on to a laptop Components for sale - Mobo - Crosshair VI Hero (x370) - purchased on March'17, still under warranty till 2020 - bill available Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 1700 - purchased on March'17, still under warranty till 2020 - bill available Memory - G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16Gb (8Gbx2)...
  2. toxicdrift

    FS: Desktops 6700k, ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac Mini ITX Combo

    Processor is from primeabgb, Mobo from amazon usa. have bills and invoice for both - they r used for around 14 months and in damn good condition, have boxes and all accessories. can ship after march 5th. local mumbai deal preferred. if u want to buy via credit cards, i can do that aswell...
  3. toxicdrift

    FS: Others Garage Sale!

    HMT Pilot Arabic style - like brand new, never worn, had purchased for 2240 ... will sell for 2000Rs shipped. (SOLD) VE Monk Plus Massdrop RED Editions - 650Rs Shipped. (brand new unused, and packed) (SOLD) Massdrop + Hifiman RE00 - 2000Rs Shipped (4/5 condition, like new, just opened to...
  4. toxicdrift

    Budget 21-30k ultra cheap office pc

    What is your budget? 30k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Dell 1080p monitor Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) nmonitor , keyboard and mouse Which hardware component are you looking to...
  5. toxicdrift

    FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 6S 16GB Rose Gold in warranty Till Feb 2017

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: iPhone 6S 16Gb Rose Gold Expected Price: Rs 33,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Feb 2016 Reason for Sale: upgrading to ip7 RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd | Product Condition: has some dings with every day usage have...
  6. toxicdrift

    FS: Laptop MacBook Pro retina 15 (Under Warranty till Aug 2017)

    Selling MacBook Pro 15 Retina Mid-2014 15" - MGXC2LL/A (top model) Core i7 (I7-4870HQ) / 16 GB RAM / 512GB SSD / GeForce GT 750M absolutely mint condition, works perfectly and in warranty till august 2017 ill throw in a brand new unused original still in the box charger in the included...
  7. toxicdrift


    selling my note 5 32GB indian model, dont have invoice, mint condition no dings or dents, always used with a uag which is included in the price. glass screen protector since day 1... fully functional with no issues. has a dbrand skin on the back. have box and all original accesories unused...
  8. toxicdrift

    FS: Others Hot Wheels (BNIB)

  9. toxicdrift

    FS: Others Imported Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts and Mainlines added

    please msg me for any confusion before crapping the thread. check for prices before you send me a offer.. this is not a money making thing for me.. its a hobby.. i do this cuz i love collecting diecasts .. I want to move into another direction and collect different scale cars and am...
  10. toxicdrift

    FS: Others HOT WHEELS EXCLUSIVES and Hard to find models

    Selling all the extra's. Pm me for any queries do not spoil the thread. Shipping will be 100rs. Or max 150 if 4 cars or more. Stuff sold- 24/Seven Black Carrera GT Blue F-150 Raptor Orange Huracan Mystery Machine Tumblr Camoflage Version Hot Wheels Entertainment Lineup with Real Riders -...
  11. toxicdrift

    FS: Others Hot Wheels (BNIB)

    back again with some cars, will try n keep this thread going.. shipping is 100rs. cars are 100rs each. cars on hold/sold daytona batmobile srt viper boss mustang porsche gt2 bmw 2002 dodge charger srt hellcat
  12. toxicdrift

    FS: Video Card ASUS STRIX 390X (u.s import) PRICE DROP!

    selling awesome 390x mint condition as you can see from the pictures. hardly used... upgrading to the new nvidia 1080 model ..... have box and all accesories. have u.s invoice aswell. will fwd the pdf to buyer and help with rma if need ever arise.. card runs perfectly no issues. price is...
  13. toxicdrift

    FS: Others Hot Wheels (in box, NEW CARS ADDED)

    so i ended up buying too many cars, and i have decided to cut down on my collection. cars will be constantly updated so keep checking back every few days.. im selling them at retail. im willing to trade if you have carded ones aswell. shipping will be at actuals and free for mumbai buyers. as...
  14. toxicdrift

    FS: Home Audio Video Creative SoundBlaster Roar2

    selling it as i dont use it as much 4/5 condition.. i must have used it like for 10/15 days at max since i got it, always kept in the portable pouch when not in use. have the charger + pouch and speaker (ill try n find the box if i can) but all the accesories that are needed i have -...
  15. toxicdrift

    FS: Desktops Remix Mini (16gb rom / 2gb Ram version)

    i would have given it 5/5 if i hadnt opened the box, I must have used it like 2-3 times at max. after getting my i7 pc which i use maximum havent really had the time or the monitor to use both.. lol so thinking its better off with someone who will use it... its a good machine.. u can read all...
  16. toxicdrift

    FS: Home Audio Video Dac+Amp PRICE DROP

    not selling anymore
  17. toxicdrift

    FS: Mobile Spigen Galaxy S6 Case Tough Armor (Champagne Gold)

    had got it for my wife's phone, as she was already using another case so never used this one. incase anyone wants its 1500 shipped anywhere in india - packed brand new 5/5
  18. toxicdrift

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S6 Gold Platinum (under warranty till sep 2016)

    selling my wife's Galaxy S6 32gb gold platinum with bill from Croma Mumbai (can send upon request) shifting to a iPhone 6S ... phone is in mint condition as you can see from the pics its always used with a glass protector in the front and a regular one at the back so no scratches or usage marks...
  19. toxicdrift

    FS: Desktops Intel hackintosh 5th gen i3 nuc with 16GB + 120GB 850 Evo

    Selling my NUC which is Hackintosh compatible. already running El Capitan on it. have no use for it right now cuz i have my 15 rMBP + full blown i7 6700k Skylake rig for home use. had purchased this in September current MRP for the full rig is round 32700 - im selling mine for 26500 if...
  20. toxicdrift

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Ducky PBT 108 Key Set (BRAND NEW)

    had got this for my CM Rapid-i but since I have already sold that keyboard this is of no use. on Sale is a Ducky Blue/Grey Etched 108 Keycaps - PBT not cheap ABS plastic that comes on the CM lineup. this takes the cherry mx feel to another level and also are much longer lasting then regular...