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  1. Rahul++

    Light as Air! Nuff said..

    Well, I have purchased a lot of products in the past but never really showed off anything.. But I think this deserves some space in this section :P I am quite sure you all guessed it correct.. This is the new "Apple iPad Air". The day Apple released it, I decided I am going to buy this...
  2. Rahul++

    Car & Bike [Suggestion] Car for my father

    My father commutes around 50-60 km in a city (Pune). He is having back pain issues these days. Now is the best time to change the car. He is still using our 13 years old Daewoo Matiz. So you can consider this to be an upgrade from Matiz. I am looking for a car (hatchback or low end sedan) for...
  3. Rahul++

    Monitors Monitor 21-24 inch ~10k.

    Hey, I am in need of a good monitor for my current rig. Minimum requirements would be 1. Full HD resolution (obvious thing :P) 2. IPS Panel (if fits in my budget) 3. Will be gaming on it so expecting it should have less response time.. 4. Screen size should be anything in between 21"-24"...
  4. Rahul++

    Android All new Nexus 7, Launching soon in India?

    I stumbled upon this page : - (Official Nexus page for India).. Coming soon to India. I hope they'll launch it here ASAP. Don't know how "soon" it is though!
  5. Rahul++

    Can't ping any ip address / website. Request timed out.

    Hey guys, I am trying to ping some BF3 game servers but I get request timed out. I tried pinging other servers and websites like, etc but I get request timed out. All the websites work well. Even CS:GO servers are normal. It's just that I can not ping any IP address from...
  6. Rahul++

    Help me with Raising a Complaint against Vodafone India in Consumer Court

    Hello, I have elaborated my problem in this thread : Couple of days back, I got another bill in which they activated VMC199 plan again without asking me and charged me Rs. 120 + taxes more. I asked them to...
  7. Rahul++

    Car & Bike Lost Vehicle registration card, help!

    Hey, I have lost my wallet, fortunately nothing was there inside it except Vehicle Registration card (Smart Card) of my two wheeler. What is the procedure of getting new RC from RTO? And most importantly what will be the cost .... and the bribe as well. How many days will it take to get a new...
  8. Rahul++

    Vodafone Postpaid ripping me off, Vodafone Care won't help :-/

    Hello, I am a Vodafone postpaid user since about 6-7 months. Service was very good for first 3-4 months then the sad part begun. My phone's billing cycle is 19th to 18th of next month. I had activated VMC (Vodafone Mobile Connect) 198 Data plan (3GB per month @ Rs.198/month). I deactivated the...
  9. Rahul++

    Good ISP in Pune (Karve Nagar area)

    I will be residing in Karve Nagar, Pune for next few months. I need a good Internet service. Maximum budget is 1k/month. Not much downloading (around 20-25gb / month if I get good speeds). Any good service provider?
  10. Rahul++

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for Surfing and Movies

    Hello, my friend wants to purchase a new laptop. Budge What's your Budget? - 35k,36k MAX What will be your primary usage for the notebook be? - Web Surfing, Watching Movies, Listening to Music What size and weight considerations do you have? Screen should be bigger (17") and HD of course :-)...
  11. Rahul++

    iPhone 4S on contract with Airtel or Aircel

    Hello, My dad wants to purchase iPhone 4S (One for me too if the contract schemes are good). Well, I found couple of articles saying Airtel and Aircel offers iPhone on Contract basis with 50% off and 100% money back kind of offers. I have some queries regarding the same. Do I have to pay full...
  12. Rahul++

    Cloud Computing Training / Course / Internship in Pune

    I have successfully completed BE in Computer Science this academic year. Well, I had plans of pursuing MS right after completing BE but because of certain family problems I have decided to postpone it and start looking for a job instead. I will be pursuing a master's degree after a couple of...
  13. Rahul++

    In need of Room / Flat on sharing basis, Need help from Pune guys

    Hello, I am moving to Pune in the next couple of days. I badly need a room or a semi/well furnished flat on Sharing basis. If anybody from Pune have information about brokers or if anybody have a vacancy. You can PM me :) Preferred Areas : Karve Rd, Kothrud, Paud Road and nearby areas.. Can...
  14. Rahul++

    Happy Birthday Dark Star

    Wish you a many happy birthday Shashwat!! God bless you, wish you all the happiness.. Where's the Party @Dark Star :-D
  15. Rahul++

    Upgrade from Galaxy S (Low on budget, ~17k)

    Hello, After using Samsung Galaxy S like a toy for around 2 years (Thanks a lot my loving SGS for teaching me Android development, ROM creation. You also helped me to earn a lot of money :P). Finally my SGS decided to retire (Camera, Wifi doesn't work anymore.. Confirmed, that's h/w a problem)...
  16. Rahul++

    Need Pune Route information (Pune members, Urgent)

    Hello, I have my appointment in Passport Seva Kendra (Ghorpadi Mundhwa Road, near Ganga Orchid, Pingale Wasti that is) @ 2pm tomorrow. As I don't have my car with me I will be coming by bus. I will be in Swargate by ~11-11.15am tomorrow. I don't know much about buses, bus routes and all in...
  17. Rahul++

    Happy Birthday Sudarshan_SMD

    Happy Birthday @Sudarshan_SMD Little things and little moments of happiness makes our lives pleasant and perfect, so don’t waste this precious time of happy celebration and keep your moral up to bring more and more happiness in life not only today but throughout this year. Now Where's my...
  18. Rahul++

    Installing Windows 8 while keeping Ubuntu (with Grub) intact

    I just downloaded Release Preview copy of Windows 8. I want to try it out. I have installed Windows 7 on C Drive and ubuntu on the same disk (500GB) I want to install Windows 8 on C Partition. Bootmgr is present on C Drive itself. So it will obviously overwrite MBR if I install Windows 8 on C...
  19. Rahul++

    Rig of The Android Boy!

    Configuration : Intel Core i5 2500k 3.3GHz Asus P8P67 Rev 3.1 MSI n560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II OC Edition G.Skill Ripjaws 2 x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz SeaSonic SII 620W PSU NZXT Gamma Click here to view the gallery.
  20. Rahul++

    Starting a Web Development related website, need suggestions

    I am planning to start a website related to Web Development. Well, I will be posting content related to HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL application development, Web Development for Mobiles using different frameworks. Maybe I will expand the website and will release some of my under constructipn PHP...