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  1. Ebil

    FS: Cabinets New/Unused NZXT H210i Premium Mini-ITX Computer Case

    Product Name: NZXT H210i Expected Price: Rs 8000 Shipping charges: 1000 Approx. Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Its basically brand new but cheaper Reason for Sale: Lying unused/ bought by mistake Product condition: 10/10 Purchase Date...
  2. Ebil

    Budget 51-70k Laptop for college uptp 70k

    Hi guys. I want to but a new laptop for college. i;m considering Macbook Pro. Mos system intensive apps would be Dota 2 and CS GO. the screen should be atleast 1080p and a backlit keyboard is necessary
  3. Ebil

    Audio New PMP + IEM | Budget : 8k

    Hi. I am looking to buy an IEM + a PMP under 8k (although, lower is better, so give me some options). I am a little confused between PMP and phone. If I can get a phone which does not bottleneck the IEM and does not reduce/affect the music quality, I'll prefer that over a PMP since I'm not...