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  1. kartikoli

    Cheapest way to keep BSNL mobile active?

    Thanks for updated info
  2. kartikoli

    Cheapest way to keep BSNL mobile active?

    I use 365 days validity plan for 365rs, you get unlimited calls+data for first 2 months along with 12 month validity so just recharge for 10rs in case of emergency and use the number for an year. I am using it in Lucknow so can confirm for UP East customers
  3. kartikoli

    Market Section - Product Pricing n Discussions

    You need answers then read this thread, all these issues have been discussed in detail
  4. kartikoli

    Budget 41-50k How to get RPTech invite for buying FE GPU?

    Akkad Bakkad Bambey Bo, Jisko dil chahe usko do so it all depends on there mood and your luck :D
  5. kartikoli

    English TV series discussion

    I will after this season is complete but agree withers that its slow as hell
  6. kartikoli

    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    That happens with almost every series, another that comes to mind is Blindspot If you want some dhoom dhadaka then watch Lethal Weapon unfortunately they cancelled after 3 seasons
  7. kartikoli

    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    The Blacklist
  8. kartikoli

    Submersible Pump for home use suggestion

    Thanks for the info, I am waiting for construction work to complete and then move on to water project. Do you have any recommendation for water cooled pumps? @yugaaa
  9. kartikoli

    Any interesting Comedy/Detective series

    Suits - First season was best and after that it became repetitive but you can still watch and enjoy. Watched whole series and it was good Jack Ryan - Yes for sure Check Ozark, Motherland Fort Salem, Mirzapur, Narcos, Lost in Space, Chernobyl, Delhi Crime, House of Cards, Scam 1992 the Harshad...
  10. kartikoli

    English TV series discussion

    Started watching "The Watch" in second episode it was only 9:30pm and I felt asleep in middle of an episode so this is good if you can't sleep easily ;)
  11. kartikoli

    FS: Cabinets Misc - 2TB Seagate & 2TB WD Green (Internal), ANT VR, Umido VR Controller

    The dropdown option is available only when you post in a thread, now you did so it should be visible now
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw...

    I watched them few years back and totally forgot the story so not bothered but I know I will watch it anyways ;)
  13. kartikoli

    Water Purifier Candles

    amazon, you will need to read reviews as many candles that are not listed for specific model still support them. Once I bought these for Aquaguard royal for 155rs and even with bad reviews these work wonders...
  14. kartikoli

    Bitcoin drops
  15. kartikoli

    New here in terms of exploring features ...
  16. kartikoli

    Submersible Pump for home use suggestion

    Planning to go for Kirloskar so unless a dealer makes a convincing remark about other motors I am buying this. I asked my neighbor and he told that his motor was replaced within 5yrs but thats expected because that 3 story building was constructed by a builder so they saved money on everything...
  17. kartikoli

    Car & Bike What are your thoughts on the ola electric scooter?

    I am keeping it for sure and its rock solid when it comes to Engine, Original piston and rings still in tact and this baby starts in one kick :) Just recently accelerator wire jammed and now I can't find it anywhere so have to make a visit to company and get a new one and even after 20yrs we...
  18. kartikoli

    Car & Bike What are your thoughts on the ola electric scooter?

    These companies think that everyone wants to use software ... Hell No. Normal Indian customer will consider everything specially aftersale and services. I am thinking to retire my 20yr old TVS Victor but its still in very good shape and I can't imagine these EV's to be anywhere close after...
  19. kartikoli

    Windows In a dilemma. Need suggestions please

    As told already first try above mention steps, 99% your data was wiped while creating bootable drive so you are left with only data recovery option. make sure to use some other HD (Laptop) while recovering the data as if you write anything on external HD the chances of recovery will go down fast.
  20. kartikoli

    WTB 2 TB HDD within 3.5k

    Nice smooth deal