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  1. rakesh_ic

    FS: Laptop Macbook Air 6,2 (early 2014) for sale

    This is very slightly negotiable. Please do not low ball. All deal related queries and messages on PM only.
  2. rakesh_ic

    FS: Desktops High end PC components including monitor and router for sale

    Components for sale - Mobo - Crosshair VII Hero (x470) - purchased on 21-May'18, still under warranty - bill available - Sold Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 2700 - purchased on 15-May'18, still under warranty - bill available - Sold outside CPU cooler - Corsair H115i AIO cooler - purchased on...
  3. rakesh_ic

    FS: Video Card MSI 1070 Gaming x 8GB edition

    Looking for a quick sale and hence a reasonable price tag. Current mining fever is no determinant of the pricing here. Please contact me via PM route for queries and price negotiations (very slightly negotiable)
  4. rakesh_ic

    FS: Desktops Mobo combo - i56600K + Asus Z170 pro gaming + Ripjaw 5 2400MHz

    I have been using this setup until last weekend. Currently I dont have a case to assemble and share the working pics. Manufacturer warranty is available for all the components. Priced realisitically as I need to close the sale on the earliest. Prefer selling it locally to avoid the shipping...
  5. rakesh_ic

    FS: Mobile Pixel 32GB Black

    Very good condition with no scratches on the screen or back. Couple of scuffs on the side rim due to usage. Take the PM route for any offers. I'm selling this so do not ping me for exchange offers. Additional pictures can be provided on whatsapp (PM me for the number) on demand. I have the...
  6. rakesh_ic

    FS: Monitor and LCD Benq 24 inch - GL2450

    Please feel free to PM me in case of any queries. Do not crap the thread. for more pics check -
  7. rakesh_ic

    FS: Consoles Xbox One 500GB with Kinect

    Price include everything that came in the box (including Kinect). Item location:: Bangalore No crapping the thread please. Any queries, shoot it to my mail box. Full resolution pics available at -
  8. rakesh_ic

    Android Who is buying a Google Pixel (XL) ?

    Now that the review, price and phones are out, how many of us are buying Pixel or Pixel XL? Do we have any takers from TE at all?
  9. rakesh_ic

    FS: Video Card Sapphire 290 tri-x for sale

    Notes - 1) Box and accessories available but no bill. 2) This is a sale thread and so no off topics or thread crapping. Any queries or suggestions are welcome through PM route. 3) I am currently running this GPU in my pc. So if you need any more details or specific pics, feel free to ask (via...
  10. rakesh_ic

    WTB Skylake setup - CPU+MoBo+RAM

    Hi, Looking for a skylake setup - preferably 6600 or 6600+ Regards, Rakesh
  11. rakesh_ic

    CPU/Mobo Is it time to upgrade from i5 2500K?

    Hi All, I am currently using an i5 2500K coupled with a Biostar TZ68k+ board. The board was not meant to explore the full OC potential of the beast and so my i5 turned out to be tamed beast. Which only made me realize that I am not cut out for the OCing and bench-marking the CPU. So now since...
  12. rakesh_ic

    WTB Ryse - Son of Rome (Xbone)

    Looking for Ryse on Xbox One. Let me know your offers.
  13. rakesh_ic

    WTB Xbox One - preferably with warranty

    Hi All, I am looking for a Xbox One preferably with warranty that can be shipped to Bangalore. I can pickup from Hyderabad as well if the deal is good. Please let me know if there is one for sale. Regards, Rakesh
  14. rakesh_ic

    iOS [Help Needed] Iphone password hack

    Hi All, I have a broken iphone with me of my deceased cousin. His phone has some important stuff in the Notes of his iphone. May I know if there is any way that I can access the data or any pointer to anyone who can do it for us? Regards, Rakesh
  15. rakesh_ic

    WTB Trade - R9 290 Tri-x with a GTX 970

    Hi Guys, I am looking to trade my perfectly working R9 290 Tri-x with a GTX970 (preferably a MSI gaming/ME or Gigabyte gaming G1 edition). Since my card is under warranty, I would love to have some warranty on 970 coming in :P Not interested on the strix edition from Asus though.
  16. rakesh_ic

    WTB Letv Le 1s - FK sale

    Hi All, Is there anyone over here got lucky with the sale of Letv Le 1s ? I am actually looking for one and couldnt get hold myself. Please let me know if you are willing to part with your order. Regards, Rakesh
  17. rakesh_ic

    Budget 41-50k Desktop PC to run VM's and softwares - No gaming

    What is your budget? ~50K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) NA - Building new pc Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) NA - Building new pc Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
  18. rakesh_ic

    FS: Mobile Nexus 5 32GB with warranty + free back cover

    Phone is in pristine condition ... scratch less .. always used with a cover. Not a scratch on the cam either (though it protrudes) All accessories are included and a capdase back cover is included for free. I have the original Google bumper case (rarely used as it was adding bulk on the mobile)...
  19. rakesh_ic

    FS: Games PS3 games for sale

    Hi all, The below PS3 games are on sale for the prices mentioned - GTA 5 - 1000 Black Ops 2 - 1000 RDR Undead Nightmare (Standalone expansion) - 500 Uncharted 2 (the best in the series) - 600 Infamous 2 - 500 All the prices are excluding shipping. Shipping at actuals must be borne by the...
  20. rakesh_ic

    FS: Mobile 2.3 years old Galaxy S3 i9300 for sale

    Samsung Galaxy S3 -GT-I9300 Willing to part with my wife's Galaxy S3 with minor usage marks. No dents or any major damage. There are lost paint on the rim which are clearly visible on the pics. No scratches on the screen at all. Comes with original box, ZTE charger, original earphone and ear...