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  1. ashvarybabul

    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    Hey All, Thank you for all the support and sorry for later response. I was able to solve the issue after a week of head hitting. After the discussion here and some googling, I was convinced that the issue is due to inability to disable DHCP server setting (which was grayed out). To enable DHCP...
  2. ashvarybabul

    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    I tried connecting router with LAN to Jio router. Able to establish connection and access wifi through TP link router. But still facing the issue of some websites not opening for TP-link wifi or PC connected via LAN. Again unable to find option to disable DHCP here. As suggested, in LAN...
  3. ashvarybabul

    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    Thanks for response. I am trying to find a way to disable DHCP but couldnt find. In LAN settings, DHCP field is enable and grayed out. At bottom, the message states to make DHCP relay configs, disable NAT of the WAN connection. I really dont know what NAT of WAN connection means and how to...
  4. ashvarybabul

    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    Hi All, I recently got a JioFiber connection and the Jio router (model JCO4032) is have a poor wifi range. So I tried using my another router i.e. TP-Link Archer C20 V4 dual band router as an extender/repeater to get signal on another floor. On checking internet on how-to guides, I got to know...
  5. ashvarybabul

    Connecting Mi TV with Home theater

    Hi All, I have an old version Mi 4 42" TV and Sony SA-D100 4 speaker home theater speaker system and want to connect them together. TV has AVI, 3.5mm headphone port and S/PDIF. Speaker system has RCA ports (called DVD in) and 3.5mm port (called TV in). The issues I am facing so far to connect...
  6. ashvarybabul

    Trimmer issues...

    Not sure about reliability of big brands also. My 1.5k wala Philips ka trimmer is also facing same issue of blades jamming. Dismantled and cleaned the head yet no help.
  7. ashvarybabul

    Smart bulb Wifi

    I am using Wipro Garnet 9W smart bulb Check here, answering based on experience with it. 1. You can fit it to existing holders. Just make sure to buy B22 one. 2. Wipro had IFTTT feature. So i assume you can program it to switch on to specific color at specific time. (there are some presets also)...
  8. ashvarybabul

    CPU/Mobo Help? Processor Fan Spin for while & Stop?

    I had a same problem with my computer. The PC fan would start a spin and then stop or just dont spin at all. For some time the PC wont boot with all components, so I removed a GPU and 2 ram sticks, and it operated for some months. Later it totally stopped. I got each component checked...
  9. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals PC not booting with GPU

    As I a not basically from Mumbai I have limited contacts and all my friends have laptop. :) Some pc shop is only a possibility. Question - Is it possible that a faulty GPU prevents computer from booting also?
  10. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals PC not booting with GPU

    Don't have any extra PC.. Will see to go to shop and get checked. GPU is HIS Radeon HD 5670 iceQ 512MB GDDR5
  11. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals PC not booting with GPU

    Hello Everyone, I am facing PC boot problem from past one month when my healthy running computer stopped running one day. At that time when it stopped, the issue came was when turning power on, CPU and GPU fan moved for a second and then stopped and there was no boot or boot sound. One...
  12. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals Of PSU, UPS, PFC and Sine wave

    I am having issues with booting my computer.. When power button is pressed all fan moves for a second then stop. On removing graphic card, 2 rams and DVD ROM, on starting PC the PSU and cpu fan moves well but no booting.. On reading around forums it appears that the issue is with PSU.. I have...
  13. ashvarybabul

    Snapdeal - Coupons & Deals

    Anybody having snapdeal coupon.. Looking forward to buy speakers.. :)
  14. ashvarybabul

    Audio Headphones with mic under Rs 1K

    bump... any pointers on same query
  15. ashvarybabul

    Audio Headphones with mic under Rs 1K

    Similar need.. Need Earphones with mic under 1k compatible with Nexus 5.. Uses them heavily everyday so need decent ones :)
  16. ashvarybabul

    Laptop lying around. Need suggestions on what to do with it.

    Can donate it to me.. I have no laptop :( just a desktop :D
  17. ashvarybabul

    GRE/MS related queries - n00b alert !

    Another noob query. Does Work experience holds any weightage/advantage while applying for M.S.
  18. ashvarybabul

    Getting Mechanical Engg. Job

    Thanx for the guidance.. I will take insights from the seniors :) Thanxx for the assistance dude.. Yeah, I am aware of the working environment in core companies, I did two training during my BE and experienced that myself. However, for the career sake, I am ready to do it. GATE is a very good...
  19. ashvarybabul

    Getting Mechanical Engg. Job

    But how can we initially discover which company would offer better opportunity of project?
  20. ashvarybabul

    Getting Mechanical Engg. Job

    Cool.. Thanx for info. Yeah, I am away from deposit scam. Unfortunately, I dont have any contact working in core companies. Barely any relative is associate in this field and my college seniors etc also didnt succeed much to break the ice. :( You worked as fresher.?? As told by many both of...