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    Which Controller for PC Gaming is good

    Xbox elite controller ftw:cool:
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    Laptop SSD Upgrade Strange Problem

    Use smartmontools or crystal disk info to read smart data and see if any errors show up.
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    Airpods pro crackling noise I purchased mine in jan 2020 and left bud started the crackling noise problem. I was pissed initially and stopped...
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    Linux Has anyone used ZFS? I'm curious what benefits you got

    Yep used both. But not in production environments. The cool thing for me is that if you create a volume with a mix of ssds and spinning disks. They will automatically use the ssds for caching.
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    What Investment mistakes you made that you want others to avoid?

    I just don’t spend 6 hours a day on fb, instagram, tiktok etc…
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    Storage Solutions Tick tick sound in external hdd

    1. Sound could be a result of mechanical failure. 2. Stop doing more tests as you will simply aggregate the issue. Dont do defrag/checks etc… 3. Copy out all the data first so you dont lose your data. Then rma the drive.
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    Apple TV 4K experience?

    Amusing to follow hindi lyrics. Never knew Hindi lyrics were in devnagari. Lot of mistakes though.
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    Apple TV 4K experience?

    Apple music with dolby atmos sounds pleasant. Doly atmos logo shows up at the bottom right but most ikd songs are not mastered as atmos so…
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    Windows Photo file renaming software

    Best way i have found dealing with files is to use linux and bash-fu. On windows just install ubuntu subsystem and do it. Jhead in linux reads the exif data so you can simply script it to do. The below article shows how but basically the idea is to parse exif data and use the values to rename...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Finally.. couldn’t get the disc version. So…
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    Niyo Global card

    the best experience that i ever had was with citibank account. just go to any citibank atm and withdraw money in that country’s currency. no charges at all and best rate available.
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    Anyone familiar with GPX files ? Display track with time info. check this
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    Windows 11 announced
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    The Photography Thread !

    A good friend of mine is an instructor for USAF wings of blue parachute team. they jump during public events. managed to click some pics. simple handheld with 85mm prime.
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    Are there any privacy laws governing city walk-around videos?

    let me give you some examples, Steve McCurry is a very famous photographer. you will recognize him from his famous pic. you can buy this pic for $18000 As of today, you can buy this picture for $7000...
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    Are there any privacy laws governing city walk-around videos?

    I did take some classes in street photography @ university of sydney and we had this discussion extensively. usually it depends which country you are doing. countries like australia and usa, you can shoot anyone in public space and use it commercially. if they ask you to delete the...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Got a new mac book pro. this one is 16 with 32G and 1TB with radeon pro 5300m. got a new job so they sent me this and a screen is on the way. this one is tied to sso so can’t login yet. now i have both m1 and this one. but this one probably has all the cancer pre installed.
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    Try Windows 11