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  1. ashvarybabul

    Extender setup for JioFiber issue

    Hi All, I recently got a JioFiber connection and the Jio router (model JCO4032) is have a poor wifi range. So I tried using my another router i.e. TP-Link Archer C20 V4 dual band router as an extender/repeater to get signal on another floor. On checking internet on how-to guides, I got to know...
  2. ashvarybabul

    Connecting Mi TV with Home theater

    Hi All, I have an old version Mi 4 42" TV and Sony SA-D100 4 speaker home theater speaker system and want to connect them together. TV has AVI, 3.5mm headphone port and S/PDIF. Speaker system has RCA ports (called DVD in) and 3.5mm port (called TV in). The issues I am facing so far to connect...
  3. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals PC not booting with GPU

    Hello Everyone, I am facing PC boot problem from past one month when my healthy running computer stopped running one day. At that time when it stopped, the issue came was when turning power on, CPU and GPU fan moved for a second and then stopped and there was no boot or boot sound. One...
  4. ashvarybabul

    Getting Mechanical Engg. Job

    Hello everyone, I have recently graduated as Mechanical Engineer from Government Engineering College, Jabalpur. Have been good in my academics too with a degree of 81% However, due to all stories about slowdown in manufacturing and blah blah, I have no core company job in my hand. While...
  5. ashvarybabul

    New ideas for Social Work

    Hello Everyone, We, a bunch of students (Engg/mba) of different colleges have come together and share a interest of doing some sort of social work so that we can serve society from our side. Some of us in group (including me) share the opinion of doing something different from the general...
  6. ashvarybabul

    FS: Photography Sandisk Extreme 8gb and 16gb SDHC Card

    Hello Everyone, Have two SD cards for Sale. Product 1 : SanDisk Extreme SDHC 16GB 45MB/s UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card Product 2 : SanDisk Extreme HD Video SDHC 8GB 20MB/s Class 6 Memory Card Condition - 9.5/10.. No issues at all with them Reason - Need CF cards in new cam Original Owner -...
  7. ashvarybabul

    FS: Others Batman and Bodybuilder Poster for Sale

    Hello Everyone, Selling two posters Product 1 : Batman Arkham City Poster Actual product link - Size : 24x36 inches Condition - 9.5/10 No tear marks or worn off Price - Rs 150...
  8. ashvarybabul

    Samsung EH5000 no signal issue

    Hello Guys, Few days ago i brought a Samsung 32EH5000 LED tv via ebay (grey) and today encountered a wired issue. The TV is showing "No or Weak Signal" and saying to check Aerial cable connection and Saved Channel List since morning. Also, everything has turned quite unresponsive. Action takes...
  9. ashvarybabul

    WTB Canon 18-55mm IS lens

    Need a Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens for my friend. This is the same kit lens you get with camera. The lens should be in good condition. No fungus or scratches. Should be completely working mechanically and electronically. Please quote a sensible price. I am located at Jabalpur. PM...
  10. ashvarybabul

    WTB Sony Xperia S or SII

    My friend is precisely looking for sparingly used good conditioned Xperia S or Samsung galaxy S2 Condition should be mint.. must have no issues.. warranty not must. Pm me if you have any good deal to offer..
  11. ashvarybabul

    How to save game data before formatting

    Sorry of ultimate noob query guys, but not in gaming much thus asking it. I am about to shift on windows 8.. Would be making a fresh install. Thus like to know how to save the game data, So that after reinstalling them I could begin from where I ended. To be specific - only two games data...
  12. ashvarybabul

    Corsair Service refusal - What to do??

    Hello Guys, I own (or owned) a Flash Voyager USB 3.0 16GB USB Flash Drive pendrive.. Product - Flash Voyager® USB 3.0 16GB USB Flash Drive - Flash Voyager - USB Drives However, around a month ago I gave it to my friend with some data and he later told that its not working in his PC. On...
  13. ashvarybabul

    WTB Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 non-VC lens for Canon mount

    I am looking forward to buy Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 non-VC lens for Canon mount Lens must be in good condition with no fault or damage. Glass should be clean, with no dust, scratch or fungus. If selling one PM me
  14. ashvarybabul

    Plz Suggest a 32" TV - noob query

    Hello guys, After months of struggling my dabba wala TV is finally living its last breaths. Thus need to upgrade. I am unaware of techno stuff and trends in TV area, so please bear my noobness.. Mentioning some imp points 1. Budget- Around 30-35k 2. Viewing distance. - It's for my living...
  15. ashvarybabul

    FS: Photography Samsung VP-L700U Camcorder

    Item for Sale: Samsung VP-L700U Camcorder (aka handycam) Asking Price: Rs 3750.. slightly negotiable. Item Description: It is a good digital camcorder. Has 22x optical zoom, LCD and viewfinder too look through. many different recording options as per scene. Uses 8mm cassette as recording...
  16. ashvarybabul

    FS: Photography Book - National Geographic:The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography

    Hey Guys want to sell this book.. details down Item for Sale : National Geographic:The Ultimate Field Guide to Photography Book Link to Original product - Click to see Flipkart page of the product Price: Rs 975 Shipped (or Rs 950 and shipping at buyer cost+choice) Item Condition: 9.9/10...
  17. ashvarybabul

    FS: Photography Hoya UV filter, Hot Shoe Adapter, Macro Coupler Ring

    Hey Friends Selling few stuff as follows.. All Stuff sold 1) Hoya 58mm UV Filter 2) Universal Hot Shoe Adapter 3) Macro Coupler Ring 72mm to 52mm (72-58mm stacked with 58-52mm) 1) Hoya 58mm UV Filter Price - Rs 520 shipped Condition - 9.5/10 condition.. dont even remember when was it used...
  18. ashvarybabul

    Some Touch and View objects

    Hello friends.. Got few stuff in this month.. thought the pile could made a good show off :P 1. Samsung galaxy Ace Got this for my sister as delayed Raksha Bandhan Gift, that too sponsored by dad :ohyeah: 2. Samsung Tab2, Wifi only version Purchased it from USA via relatives coming to...
  19. ashvarybabul

    PC Peripherals Suggest good Keyboard for my desktop

    Hello guys, My old n basic keyboard has gone kaput thus planning to get good one now.. Since never looked at keyboard market in my life need real help now. Some imp points i am writing down about things i am looking for -> must be wireless... -> only keyboard pereferred instead of combo...
  20. ashvarybabul

    FS: Photography Canon 50mm f/1.8 II Lens

    Hello Friends, Selling my 50mm f/1.8 II lens.. down are complete details Product Name: Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens | Lens | Expected Price: Rs 5200 Description: This is one of the best VFM lens in canon stable. One of my favorite one and a most...