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  1. RakaKaKaka

    Android why phones heating so much ?

    I have a galaxy S7 and it heats up a lot. Sometimes even on normal use of insta, facebook browsing after some time it heats up. Battery life is ok as i have recently got battery replaced. I dont use any case of cover as well. When phone was new i remember it never used so heat so much.
  2. RakaKaKaka

    Budget 41-50k Laptop store refused to let me benchmark their system, am i unreasonable ?

    Since i have am waiting for my flipkart laptop to get picked up for return i went to a store to check a laptop. They did not let me connect my pendrive to run some benchmark tools. I wanted to see the SSD performance actually to compare with prev shortlisted item. Here is benchmark of the prev...
  3. RakaKaKaka

    Budget 41-50k Is 8th gen i5 worth it over i3 ?

    Now 8th gen i3 too have overclocking upto 2.4 ghx (same as i5). i5 has lower base clock of 1.6 vs 2.2 in i3. i5 has 4 core vs 2 in 3. Previously i5 used to shine as it has higher turbo boost while i3 had none but in 8th gen even i3 has turbo boost. So for a basic user is i5 8250u worth it ...
  4. RakaKaKaka

    Laptops new laptop has screen bleeding issue. return ?

    Bought it from flipkart and its screen has big bleeding issue. Is screen defective ? the bottom left corner has a big color difference. Willl i get a refund for this ? or should i just ignore and still use the laptop if it remains same ? what to do ? everything else i like about the laptop...
  5. RakaKaKaka

    All OS Can memory cards die ?

    Before giving my phone to support team i took a backup of everything on my samsung evo plus Sd card. Now the damn card seems to not be getting read in both a card reader and a sd card adaptor . All my critical data was on it. Any way data can be recovered as physically there is no damage if yes...
  6. RakaKaKaka

    can we import a laptop from amazon use? anyone tried?

    The specs are much better on usa. 630 $ gets me a pretty awesome machine.
  7. RakaKaKaka

    Budget Above 25K Upgrade now or wait till Diwali or so?

    Currently have a Samsung S7. The only issue with it is reduced battery life and bit laggy sometimes now with apps and all. I bought it for it's compact size and good camera. However these days even basic phones have similar Cam and good performance to play pubg etc. I see poco f1 is very...
  8. RakaKaKaka

    CPU/Mobo which ram will fit this laptop ? CPUz screenshot added

    4GB aint enough for Windows 10 and just a few tabs and my notes app open causes memory to get near full in task manager causing slowness and non responsiveness. Also is it better to buy a 4gb chip to add in or replace the 4gb one with a 8gb chip ? which will be better ?? Rest specs are a...
  9. RakaKaKaka

    Avengers endgame is beyond epic!

    No spoilers!! This is probably the best superhero movie of all time. You can't top this! A mahagathbandhan of superheroes vs a mass murderer seems like real life too If you thought thanos brought his A game in infinity war then you haven't seen his potential. People went apeshit when...
  10. RakaKaKaka

    Jio tv to offer landline + internet + Tv @ Rs 600

    Frankly im sick of the laggy tata sky and the absurd charges which have only increased. Right now i pay around 500+ for tv + 899 + taxes for internet and phone. Hope it comes soon...
  11. RakaKaKaka

    Budget 31-40k Is this lenovo 330S worth it? Worth buying this one ? 256gb ssd i3 8th gen 14 inch full HD. Competing brands have such config only in 45k plus ones.
  12. RakaKaKaka

    What is wrong with banks asking to make passwords i cant remember

    They force one to use upper and lower cases, numbers, minimum 8 words, symbols and egyptian hieroglyphs for every password. And every few months you are supposed to make a new one and cant even use the older passwords. How exactly is this secure when one is bound to note it on a paper or...
  13. RakaKaKaka

    Any credit card that gives reward points etc on Facebook/instagram ad posting ?

    I am using my own credit card for my company use so would be great if any card there gives points/etc for online spends on facebook and insta ads. Any suggestions as i spend upto 50k per month ?
  14. RakaKaKaka

    Android Samsung support damaged my phone. What to do?

    My s7 battery had got weak due to age and heavy charge use thanks to pubg. I took to get new battery. Now they while opening have fully damaged the backside paint that is on the underside of the glass. Now what to do ? I did not want to accept the phone like that but i dont have any backup phone...
  15. RakaKaKaka

    How to disable google maps always on top feature

    I dont want that small map screen on top of other apps. How do disable it ?
  16. RakaKaKaka

    Any working power supply

    Wanna test out some car parts which need 1wv so thinking il use a computer power supply by modding it. So any 300w plus power supply needed. As cheap as possible.
  17. RakaKaKaka

    Went on a date with a femisnist, things went downhill. Lol

    So i went out with this feminist and now she got mad i made her pay 60 rs for parking as i dint have cash This was after if you compare all expenses between us i had paid for 65% plus anyway. I asked let me pay and she said no i can pay and i let her. Crazy stuff :eek::rolleyes::confused:
  18. RakaKaKaka

    Anyone used for buying from amazon US ?

    Anyone tried this ? Need to buy something from amazon US. Any other cheap and good alternative to buy from amazon usa ? Need to order a D2S HID kit.
  19. RakaKaKaka

    How to recombine partitions ? Also how to secure it ?

    Is it better to have 2 partitions in a removable drive or 1 for reliability ? I salvaged a hard disk from a laptop i once had and put it in a portable hard drive convertor case. Also it has 4 partitions right now so how to combine them all in 1 or 2 partitions. Will i need to transfer data...
  20. RakaKaKaka

    Extracted netbook hardisk, how to run it?

    So i dug out this harddis k from a near dead netbook that is lying unused since years. Many precious memories inside so how do i run it on a laptop? Which adaptor to order ? I dont mind buying from aliexpress as i dont mind waiting 2 weeks if i save 150Rs or more