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    CPU/Mobo What's up with RAM prices?! Online or Offline?

    Hi. I need to buy Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 but it looks like the online prices have gone up 60-70% in the last 4-5 months. Earlier it was available around 4.5K but now it is available around 7K. Are the offline prices similar in Nehru Place? Are the prices expected to come down anytime soon?
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    PC Monitor. As cheap as possible

    Looking for a monitor. As cheap as possible. Considering a new samsung IPS 18.5 inches can be had for around 4600 with 3 yrs warranty. PM your offers!
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    Work from home, part time

    Hi guys, My company is looking for a few part timers for a project. Project involves chatting with the users and helping them with their gadget queries.(mostly mobiles) Requirements: - To be able to write grammatically correct English. - At least basic tech knowledge. - Fast typing ability...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition(Sealed, with warranty)

    Product Name: Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition Expected Price: Rs 14000 Shipping charges: Half shared with buyer . From Gurgaon/ Delhi Description if any: Brand New. Sealed box. Reason for Sale: Impulse buy during black friday sale. Need money to buy something else. Product condition: 10 out of...
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    Audio Fiio X3 (or X1?) for Grado ?

    Hi All, How does Fiio X3 pair with Grado (I have 225i) . I currently own clip+ and I feel it lacks the power to drive 225i. Soundstage feels small and bass could be tighter. I can consider X1 as well but am more inclined towards X3 due to USB DAC/Amp functionality. P.S: Anyone in Gurgaon/Delhi...
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    Storage Solutions 1 TB portable hard drive.WD elements or Seagate backup plus

    Hi, I am confused between these two drives.Seagate is Rs. 400-500 more expensive.Please give your suggestions.
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    Android Class 4 microSD enough for 1080p video playback??

    As the title suggest,is class 4 microSD enough for 1080p video playback??
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    [GO] Nook simple touch Black Friday Deal (~3.5k INR) Delhi NCR

    Nook simple touch is 39$ on black friday.Anyone in delhi/ncr interested in a group order through ppobox?It would come down to around 3500 including everything i think.I am from gurgaon. P.S-I have never used ppobox before.So maybe someone here who has used?
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    Other Nook simple touch through ppobox.

    Ok not sure if this is the correct section so mods please shift the thread if required. Nook simple touch is 39$ on black friday.Anyone in delhi/ncr interested in a group order through ppobox?It would come down to around 3500 including everything i think.I am from gurgaon. P.S-I have never used...
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    Other Nook vs Kindle

    Hey guys.Looking for some info on nook simple touch vs kindle (no paperwhite).Which is better??I read that nook runs android and can be rooted and kindle app can be installed.So is it better??
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    WTB Kindle/Nook ereader

    Looking for ereader nook preferred.Non paperwhite/glowlight version as i am short on budget.New kindle is for 5400(5900-500off coupon) from snapdeal with 1 year warranty and free 3 months EMI so price accordingly.
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    Android Cheapest place to get Nexus 7 2013??

    What is the cheapest place to get it?ebay has it around 20-21k.Getting from has around 300$.Anywhere cheaper than this??
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    WTB Nexus 7 2012-8/16 GB

    Hi.looking for nexus 7 2012 version .8/16 GB.Preferably under atleast some warranty.Should be in good condition.PM me your offers...Please be realistic.32GB retails for 14.1k with 3 months EMI..
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    Audio Grado launching in India

    Grado launching in india in the coming weeks according to their fb page.Damn i just got my 225i a week ago through a relative in US.
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    FS: Headphone Klipsch Image S4 (Black)

    Product Name:Klipsch Image S4 earphones(black colour) Expected Price: Rs 2500 Shipping charges:Shipping Included if less than 100.Overhead to be paid by buyer.Courier as per buyers choice. Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Used for...
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    Audio Will Vsonic GR06 be an upgrade over Klipsch S4

    Hi, I currently own klipsch S4.I was looking to change as it is too bass heavy.I mostly listen to rock.Would GR06 be considered an upgrade??What is the best place to buy them??Please no hifinage.Total comes out to be 4275 including shipping which IMO is its 66$.Anyone...
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    Audio Grado sr225i or shure srh840 owners?

    So I am really confused between these two.I want a forward mid range.Open n closed both acceptable.95% of my music is rock.I am more inclined towards grado but worried about the hot highs.Anyone in Delhi/gurgaon kind enough to let me try them(just for a few minutes)?I dont wanna spend 10K and...