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    Microsoft Zune for $99?

    Microsoft Zune for $99? - Alpha Blog - I have trouble believing it but if true that's great!!!
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    PC Peripherals Plz suggest a computer for around 1 lakh

    I need to a computer for games,movies and music.So plz suggest a config for around 1 lakh(+ or - 10k).I won't be overclocking at all. This is what i have in mind:- conroe 2.67 E6600 mhz:-(Rs.16,000) Motherboard:- intel badaxe 975 (also what model no. and how much does it cost ??) or suggest...
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    Need an mp3 player for around 7-12k

    Like the title suggests i need an mp3 player and my budget is around 7-12k.Ideally i would like to spend much less though.I will be using it mainly to listen to music during my morning walk. Here are my requirements:- 1)should have great sound,Skip-free listening. 2)should have good quality...