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    RMA'ed Crucial Ballistix Memory PC2-8500 2x1GB

    RMA'ed Crucial Ballistix Memory PC2-8500 2x1GB__ Rs. 2700 A 2x1GB kit of Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 memory. I had purchased this kit in feb-2008 via KMD. RMA'ed last month. Selling because I got other ram when these were sent for RMA. Selling price - Rs.2700 Here's the 2nd kit purchased...
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    Windows 7 Build 7600 - thumbnail issue.

    I have noticed this minor but annoying problem in Windows 7, in picture folders it rebuilds thumbnails every time i reopen the folder. I tried checking the 'save taskbar thumbnail previews' thing in visual effect settings, but no change. Anyone else having this problem? my newbie attempt at a...
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    Has anyone tried something like this? (Wifi Dish Antenna)

    How-To: Build a WiFi biquad dish antenna Converting a Direct TV Dish into a Wifi Dish YouTube - Converting a Direct TV Dish into a Wifi Dish
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    PC Peripherals BenQ E2200HD, good deal for 8.5k ?

    Been out of touch lately with the hardware prices and all and just wanted to get quick advice on this deal.
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    OC & Modding Wall-E Case

    Amazing!! especially the detailed pics of the entire process. Ìîääèíã êîðïóñ - Ãîáîò Âàëë-è (Ìîääèíã êîðïóñîâ)
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    What to do with a 12V 3'x2' Solar panel? need Ideas.

    Just discovered the solar panel in the house storage. Why waste it by not using it?
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    what track is this kid playing?

    YouTube - guitar
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    How to use PPPOE and 'Wireless lan' internet simultaneously?

    Ok. This is my network connections page. The one named Hispeed is a 256kbps pppoe connection and the 'MT841 2' is Wireless LAN (upto 2mbps conn.). When i do not connect the pppoe connection i get upto 2mbps speeds in browsing torrents etc but as soon as i connect the pppoe connection...
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    The truth behind 'Perus Narpk'

    A blog has, excuse my leetspeak slang, PWNED large sections of Indian Media by planting an untrue story about a 'Nazi' being held along the state's border with Karnataka. The hoax saw large sections of the Indian media pick up and reproduce a story - circulated via a...
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    PC Peripherals Vista x64 drivers for Canon LBP 3200 printer.

    I am unable to find vista x64 drivers for Canon LBP 3200 Laser printer. Some googling suggested that there aren't any x64 drivers available. Although most of them were very old posts. So if anyone can help me find drivers it will be great. I have no dual boot, only Vista x64.
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    FS: Leadtek Winfast 7800GTX TDH MyVIVO + P5W DH deluxe bundle.

    This was purchased in November 2006 from Top notch infotronix, Chennai. And carries a 3 year warranty since then. Have the original bill and all accessories. Here are the tech specs: A review of the exact same model. Leadtek WinFast PX7800GTX TDH MyVIVO 256MB Based on...
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    Orange Box installation problem..

    Having some problems installing orange box games :P On entering the activation key in Steam it was accepted instantly, but it started downloading the games instead asking for the DVD! This is my first online game ever and i didn't exactly know how things work so i paused all updating and quit...
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    Speedup Vista startup with processor tweak.

    This will really help the dual and quad core people. this is how it works: Click start> Msconfig> Boot> advanced options> check the number of processors and select 'number of cores you have' That's it, apply/save and reboot. Apparently Vista by default, only uses one core... I tried this...
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    FS: Intel P4 530j, Gskill 1GBHZ, Trans 512MB, Antec SP400

    As the title says i have a Pentium 4 530j 3.0GHz (LGA 775) processor for sale, it was purchased on 3rd march 2005, and has a 3yr warranty since then.[SOLD] This easily runs stable 4.0GHz@ 1.33V (which is just one notch higher than the default, does upto 3.6@stock volts) at 49-50C temp on full...
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    Linux MCE vs Windows MCE (Video)

    YouTube - Linux MCE vs Windows MCE (1of2) YouTube - Linux MCE vs Windows MCE (2of2)
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    Please Id. this song..

    StumbleVideo It's a good video too. Thanks. :)
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    OC & Modding WTF!!! P4 @ 4GHz... and 49-50C on full load!!!

    I (OCing :noob: ) Just felt like OCing today and this is what i ended up with ... I am absolutely :wtf: :death: The CPU temp shows 33 -34 idle and 49-50 at 42-43rd minute of prime 95 torture test :S and this all on stock cooling. !! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated :help...
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    Happy Birthday Mohit

    Happy Birthday Buddy :hap2: :party: :food3: :food7: :food4: :food8:
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    Adobe photoshop CS3 Beta available.

    Photoshop junkies: The wait is over. In the early hours of Friday, Dec. 15, a public beta of Photoshop Creative Suite 3 will be made available for download on Adobe Labs, the developer website used to showcase emerging technologies and beta software. This new Photoshop release is the first...
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    Orkut: Founder of Orkut

    This is the mastermind behind Orkut community. Some facts about Orkut: 1) Orkut Buyukkokten(the creator of Orkut) gets $12 when a person registers to this website . 2) He also gets $10 when you add somebody as a friend. 3) He gets $8 when your friend's friend...