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    Need a laptop for 100K

    Looking for a long time to buy a laptop. Sony Z series are overpirced here. Now Interested in SANY VAIO SE, but is it possible to replace the 5400RPM HDD with some 256GB SSD? Or should I wait for the Samsung Series 9 to be launched here(2012 model)?
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    Camera Where to buy Panasonic GH2

    Guys, Searching for an online shop to buy LUMIX GH2. Any one help me where to buy it
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    SAMSUNG GALAXY FIT S5670 in 10/10 Condition

    Bought a new Samsung Galaxy Fit for my girl friend last week, but selling it today as no 3G Video call function and no front camera. Not used at all but opened for testing. Installed Angry birds and it works fine. Buy this phone if you like to check email on the go(Installed Seven) or watch...
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    Cant I make a Video call to Samsung Galaxy Fit?

    I bought a new phone the samsung galaxy fit. I know i cant make outgoing video calls, but what about incoming, wont it work? yes, its a 3G Sim and the sim video calls well in nokia e61i. --- Updated Post - Automerged --- any reply guys?
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    Storage Solutions Is there any 2TB Seagate drive with 7200RPM/32MB cache

    Saw a product today and I was wondering, is there anything exists actually? eBay India: Seagate Barracuda 2TB Desktop Hard Drive SATA 32Mb 2 TB (item 160484260455 end time 29-Sep-2010 20:18:12 IST) Is it worth a buy then?
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    Graphic Cards Which Graphics card for 20k

    Guys, i am searching for a graphics card for After effects CS5. Please suggest me a better card other than a quadro FX, should I buy GTX 470 or any good 460? Anyone stock EVGA 470 here or the Zotac 470 is good enough for me? --- Updated Post - Automerged --- No reply for a long time. I...
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    2X2GB or 3X2GB RAM for i7-930 on Windows XP

    I am in a dilemma to buy the RAM for my new i7-930, x58A-UD5 system. I heard 2*3GB will be better for triple channel memory. But I have no idea to upgrade from Windows XP, so I cant utilize more than 4GB anyway. So whats the best combination of RAM for me: 2X2GB OR 3X1GB or 3x2GB? If I run...
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    OPUS 360W DC-DC Power Supply for Car PC

    I have an OPUS 360W DC-DC Power supply unit which I have used to build the Car PC for this site: Building a $5000 Car PC in TATA Safari | TATA Safari Its under warranty (3 years International) and I bought it in April 13, 2009 directly from OPUS (Bill available). I have spend around...
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    Video Plasma TV with Component Out for HD

    Friends, I am looking for a 42" Plasma or LCD TV, But I need the component Out feature badly. I heard LG TVs have component Out, but my question is, will it only output the SD/TV Signal or for HD input too... Means, if I feed the TV with HDMI/DVI input, will I still get the output through...
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    Audio DynAudio Speakers in Chennai

    Any Idea who is selling DynAudio BM 5A or 6A in Chennai, Couldnt find any dealer here. Or any online stockists in india? The PACE site is also not working now.
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    Quadro fx 1700

    Looking for a used, working NVIDIA Quadro Fx 1700 card.
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    Paypal asking my PAN no

    Does anybody face this issue? Today when I am logging in to Paypal, it asks my PAN number. But it doesn't accepted my PAN no even if I ENTERED CORRECTLY. Any idea, why? Is it required?
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    CPU/Mobo BIOSTAR X58 Motherboard in Chennai

    Is Biostar X58 Motherboard available in any Chennai shop? Or is it possible to order online from any other online stores in India?
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    Graphic Cards PNY or Leadtek QUADRO FX 1700

    Friends, I have to buy a Quadro FX 1700. I know leadtek brand is avaIlable with lynx india. But I heard it has no COMPONENT Video out, is it true?(Only S-Video) If yes, I have seen a brake out component box with PNY Quadro 1700. Is PNY available anywhere in india. Or I need to buy thru KMD only?
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    Monster iCableLink

    Anybody interested in Monster iCableLink? Ordered 4 pieces and used 2 of them for my Car PC: Building a $5000 Car PC in TATA Safari | TATA Safari 2 left with me. Its unused and brand new with box-packed. Hope its useful for iphone users, just checking your interests before posting it...
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    Logitech EX90 *RECIEVER*

    Need Logitech EX90 Receiver only. Old Model is better, please quote your prices with or without keyboard/mouse. (I need only the receiver as I have the old model keyboard in working condition)
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    PS2 Eyetoy

    I am looking for a new/used PS2/PS3 EyeToy camera.
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    Storage Solutions Which PC Blue-Ray Player to buy?

    Friends, I am looking for a cheap 2x Blu-Ray Player for my Car PC. Is it anything available locally. And I am not interested in Writer.
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    WTB: 7600 GT or 7950 GT

    Guys, I am interested to buy a used 7600 GT or 7950 GT DDR3. Preferably XFX / MSI or Asus. Must need a TV Out instead of HDMI. No DDR2. Also must be a PCI-X and not AGP. Also no zebronics or POV, please. Will pay more than you get in TE market for a XFX/ASUS/MSI 512MB card. Please...
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    WTB: Cabinet Front Panel (Reset, LED & Power switch)

    Guys, I need the Front Panel of the cabinet/case which has the reset, power switches and LEDs(Any design will be fine). Its for my Car PC. Please share a photo, If you have any spare/damaged cabinets. I will pay.