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    company logo,vCard,website design service-online

    Hi all I've recently started a new company and looking for best sites which provide services like designing of company logo , visiting card, stationery, website, fb page, SEO, etc. I need some company which provides these services online as i am not based in India. on googling i found the...
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    Tablet - Which one ?

    Hi guys My brother is coming to dubai from US and is getting me a tablet. The tablet Should have a front facing camera as this tablet will be used for skype video conference whenever skype starts supporting the platform. The tablet should be reliable and software updates shouldn't be a problem...
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    Just bought an Htc Desire

    Hi ppl I just bought an HTC desire here in dubai for 1670 AED (~20k), this is my first android phone ever and i dont know how to go about it....for eg there are many guides online on what to do after buying an iphone but i cannot find the same for an android phone or specifically an htc desire...
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    urgent: cannot install any app in windows xp

    I just bought a new pc for office and installed windows xp, the problem is whenever i try to install any application, it gives some office 2k7 doesnt install and each time i try to install it , it says some file missing and the file name is different each time... what could be the...
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    Audio lost my PL-30 Ear hooks/gliders

    Hey ppl, I lost the ear hooks/gliders that came with my pair of pl30's while travelling and it was one of the most used accessories.....anywhere i can find these for cheap ? i remember seeing a pack of those with 4 pairs in it on deal extreme but cant find it now.... Thank you
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    Audio IEM + AMP bundle - 3k max

    Hi guys I am planning to upgrade from soundmagic PL-30 i have been using for the past year. My budget is around 2.5-3k INR and will be buying online from lynx-india or any other site you people suggest. I need better bass as PL-30 lacked bass, currently i have these in my mind; Head-direct RE 2...
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    Cheap office surveillance

    Dint know where to post this, mods can move the thread if needed. Hi guys, My uncle is opening a small office with one main hall and a small room for himself, what he needs is one video surveillance camera outside the office - near the door and other camera in the main hall where there will be...
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    Music Suggestions for Fashion Show

    So me and some other Indians/pakis are organizing Bridal Fashion show/ ramp walk at the Graduation ceremony at my college (Madonna University) and this event will be attended by our USA campus dean.....need some suggestions of what music to play, track names, or if any Dj's in...
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    No network on Iphone 3gs

    I restored my iphone 3gs using a pwned firmware downloaded from TPB and now i get no service, my iphone 3gs is 32gb Factory unlocked model Thank you
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    Xbox 360 dvd drive not reading discs

    I have a NTSC xbox 360 bought from USA last year, its a Jasper and has a Liteon drive, i got it modded through some guy when i bought it, it worked fine for around 6 months until it stopped reading any games(including originals and backups) since then the xbox is lying unused, i got hold of a...
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    Storage Solutions External Hard drive Kaput !

    Finally my trusty old Maxtor 160 GB external 2.5" went kaput yesterday and whenever i connect it now, it says the drive needs to be formatted to be used again, i haven't formatted as i need the data on it. Anyway i can recover it ?
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    Laptops Planning upgrades for laptops this Gitex

    1. Asus N80VN-X1: C2D t5800, 4gb ddr2 800, 250gb sata hdd. Planning to upgrade the ram to 8gb, adding intel turbo memory 4gb and replacing the hdd with a 128gb SSD if at all its affordable, What difference will SSD make ?...This laptop doesnt have bluetooth, do i get bluetooth internal cards or...
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    Linux Moved from Gnome to KDE

    I just installed KDE and set it as my default DE, i was using Gnome from quite a long time and had it as my perfect DE, since i installed KDE and i love the way it looks but i am new to it. What else to do except customizing the looks ? Any links on how to customize KDE's looks would help...
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    Linux PlayOnLinux:Command & Conquer 3 Kane edition Audio problem

    Hi everyone... I recently installed Command & Conquer 3 Kane edition, after installing the game wasnt starting after C&C splash screen, this problem was solved after i installed the latest Wine.Now the game works but sadly no sound.i use Alsa drivers and also selected Alsa in wine...
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    Linux Convert Ubuntu 32 to 64

    Is there any way i can convert my current ubuntu installation which is 32bit to 64 bit ?
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    Linux URGENT: Ubuntu won't boot

    Guys, i was trying to change the default ubuntu splash screen using startup-manager.what i did was delete the default splash screen and add a new splash screen.After this ubuntu wont boot at all....after the grub loading screen, it shows some commands as if ubuntu is loading and 2 of commands...
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    Linux Laptop running hot using ubuntu 9.04

    I was using Windows 7 and Vista until i started using ubunutu 9.04 as my primary OS.Currently i have no other OS than Ubuntu installed in my laptop.Before 2 weeks when i was on Windows 7 laptop was running fine, but now after 2 days of Ubuntu i noticed that my Laptop is running hot, as hot when...
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    Wireless bridging of 2 routers

    I have a Dlink DSL2640U adsl+router on my ground floor which is connected to internet.the signal on the 1st floor is usable but on the 2nd floor its very low and keeps disconnecting.I have a Dlink DIR 615 wireless router on the 2nd floor. What i want is Dlink DSL2640U and DIR615 to be...
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    Cards game

    Hi Me and my friends play a game with a deck of cards, I learned it through my friend who learned it in India.The name of the game in hindi is 'Dakaity'(as in Dacoity).I want to know what is this name called in English and any links or tricks for this game would help. Also you can share what...
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    disk read error, cannot boot into windows

    Hi Whenever i start my pc it gives an error just before the windows xp boot logo and says disk read error occurred press ctrl + alt + del to restart, my bro was using the pc before this happened, so i dont know what triggered this to happen looked over google but got many many solutions, got...