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    PC Peripherals No Display please help

    Hey guys .....Im not getting any display but my pc is booting up (without any beep). It all started yesterday when i connected my graphic pc was working fine till 6:30 in the morning then it started restarting automatically giving out no vga beeps(one long and three shrort).I removed...
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    Graphic Cards nvidia drivers issue

    i cannot install nvidia drivers everytime i try i get an error saying product has not passed windows logo testin. please help
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    360 Power brick repair

    Does anyone repair 360 power brick???
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    Monitors PC starts but monitor does not need help

    hey guys ive been getting this problem from a few days my pc starts properly but monitor is on standby mode showing orange me if anyone has experienced similar problem. Ill try connecting other pc to my monitor today lets see if that works.
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    PC Peripherals New Mouse and Mouse Pad

    hey guys i am getting a new mouse and a mouse pad for fps gaming ie, single player and multiplayer like cs. I need to know which is the best mouse i can get for 1500 bux and i mouse pad for 1000 bux. i was using logitech g5 so i want somethng thtll be equally good. :)
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    PC Peripherals Where can i get my mice repaired?

    I have a logitech g5 and a microsoft intelli 3.0 both work perfectly fine but lately started giving me problems with the left click can i ge it repaired?
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    Cheap sd card

    where can i get 4gb micro sd card for cheap?
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    How is LG KM900 Arena

    hey guys looking for a new is lg km900 arena ??
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    Cheap and sturdy graphic tablet for amateurs

    Hey can anyone help me where i can buy a not so expensive graphic tablet for amateur drawing and painting. Should be robust.Wacom is the only brand and the best brand.....but is there anyone who has used or is using any other brand??
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    WTB:Ipod Charger

    Hey guys want to buy a charger for ipod ...should be used.
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    Audio Good headphones within 600-700??

    guys help me out with a pair of good headphones within 600-700 they should be durable and good quality of sound...need for my sansa e270 mp3 player mostly for workouts.
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    sansa repair

    Is there any place i can get my sansa e270 repaired in mumbai?
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    sansa e200 accessories

    Where can i find sansa e200 acceessories in mumbai? Armband or a holster.
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    PC Peripherals Need Help putting dvd drive in CM 690

    I have a cm690 im having a hard time puttin in the dvd drive ....according to the manual you have to pull out the front panel ...but its so damn hard :@ cant get it out. Anyone has done it before please help:(
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    PC Peripherals The Best Thermal paste?

    Guys help me with this which is the best thermal paste to go for ...i have a quadcore 6600 and sccf and i will be overclocking it.
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    OC & Modding Need help for ocing

    Im planning to oc Q6600 i wanted to know ... Is Antec earthwatt 650 is enough for ocing and is the zalman cpu cooler which comes with the p45 zilent edition good for ocing? rest of my config is msi p45 mobo,4gb ram,and 4870 1gb sonic edition.
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    the TUMBLER

    hey guys made this in maya a huge batman fan so my next model will be the batpod...tell me how is it:D tumbler.jpg - imgX
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    Need to sell some antique stuff

    Guys can you tell me any site where i can sell some antique stuff ...where i can fetch a good price? any site other than ebay
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    PC Peripherals Good UPS?

    which is the most robust ups out in the market ?
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    Need info on Game Expo

    hey guys anyone knows about the game expo happening at nehru center mumbai on 22nd and 23rd Nov.