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    file sharing sites blocked!!!!

    guys unable to download from wupload/hotfile. the message i get is The URL you requested has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom(CHNN). URL = I am on vodafone gprs.I paid rs 699 rs and this is what i get.:@ called up the customer service and he says...
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    16gb pendrive

    hi guys need to purchase a 16gb pendrive used or pm me ur offers. cheers
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    how do i find the cost of my last call

    hi guys, sorry if this sounds frivolous but could not find much info. I am on idea cellular prepaid service.I am on 50 paise per minute plan for mobiles and 90 paise per minute for land line plan.Now today when i called a local mobile number and spoke for approx 1.5 minutes i got a sms saying...
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    any downloader for hotfile premium users?

    Hi guys, I need a automatic downloader for premium hotfile account.Something like idm for rapidshare.Its a pain to download each link seperately. cheers.
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    Want to contact a team-bhp member.Can anyone Help!

    Hi Guys, I want to contact a team-bhp member by name Samurai.Can any member here who is a member there help me in contacting him. I can pm u the number which you can give it to him or give me his number so that i can call him. cheers --- Updated Post - Automerged --- hey guys no one?.
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    Free rapidshare premium accounts

    guys, rapidshare is giving out free premium accounts.get the account fast. here is the link. RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting enjoy:)
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    Guys suggestions needed

    I am thinking of buying a lappy soon maybe in one or two days.I have zeroed in on msi x620.The main reason is because of the battery.MSI claims that the battery will last for 11 hours however under certain conditions.I am quite happy if it will last me for about 8 hours under normal usage...
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    one month /three months rs account

    Hi, I need a premium rapidshare account urgently either for one month or for three months.please send me a pm indicating the price you would sell at. Thanks.
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    PC Peripherals guys suggestion needed

    Guys, I have almost finalized the setup.This is for my friend. this is the one which i am going for.any recomendations/criticisms welcome. AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE Motherboard: Biostar TA790GXB A3+ RAM: Transcend 4GB DDRIII 1333MHz GPU: Sapphire 5750 1GB GDDR5(DX11) HDD: Seagate 1TB SATAII...
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    Three things which microsoft cannot explain!!!!!

    Found this on one of the forums.So just thot of sharing it with u guys.The credits belong totally to another just cut copying and pasting. cheers. MAGIC #1 An Indian found that nobody can create a FOLDER anywhere on the Computer which can be named as "CON". This is something funny...
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    Free Colgate toothpaste while stocks last

    Guys check this link out Oral Hygiene Products | Toothpaste Manufacturer in India | Toothpaste Brand ? Colgate India get a toothpaste for free. enjoy
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    Information needed on soda maker

    Guys want to purchase a sodamaker.Have no idea if there are other brands other than Mr Butler's.How much would it cost?.Is it economical like buying the soda maker or purchasing bottled soda from the shop.Kindly suggest some good ones with the name and pricing if possible.Also what all stuff...
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    The most famous cricketing blog rite now!!!

    guys, check this blog out.apparently some player is blogging away giving all the inside scoops and salacious details. Fake IPL Player all the names are in terms of nicks.just read the comments to decipher them. enjoy
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    Guys help needed with a dll file

    I have a dll file named tnhhm.dll in Windows folder.The full path is C:\windows\system32\tnhhm.dll.It is denying access.I am unable to open it in hex viewer to see what the file is.I am under administrator.So i should have full control.I do have full control over other system I am able...
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    Very Interesting site

    Guys, Came across an very interesting site.So thot of sharing it with u people. wish there were more sites like this and also which were more popular helping people to make informed decisions. No Criminals cheers.
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    Laptops Guys need a suggestion

    I was using the laptop charger with the ups.Now since the ups is kaput :S is it ok if i connect the charger directly to the mains.Is it recommended?.Are you guys connecting it directly because until now i have always connected it using the ups. thanks
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    Laptops Guys is this worth it?

    Guys, I am looking for a new lappy for my younger bro.He has selected the model. Here is the spec of the same. 1)Do tell me is it worth it?. 2)Can I get it cheaper than this?.Any dell employees out here? 3)Can I get a better machine than this for this price. Here are the specs. Dell Studio...
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    Mumbai Terror attacks - Dossier of evidence

    Guys Here is the link for the dossier ie proof submitted by the indian govt to the pakistan govt in the mumbai's terrorist attack. The Hindu : Mumbai Terror attacks - Dossier of evidence
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    rapidshare not opening?

    Guys need ur help here.when i try to access rapidshare this is the error message i get " Cannot download the file because of timeout Details: Cannot connect to " My q is 1)has the isp ie idea blocked this site?. 2)is it the problem with rapidshare servers.(unlikely).Do any of...
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    PC Peripherals Guys Help needed with psu

    Guys, I need a new psu as i think my current psu is failing.What happens is the system when i start it starts up fine the bios and all and then suddenly just shuts down.So i think my psu is failing.My rig is an old one abt 7 years now but which has served me faithfully. My current psu is Bestec...