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    Global Internet Outage - 2022

    A Global Internet Outage Might Happen in 2022 lasting for several weeks due to Super SolarStorm says Indian Researcher in her Research Paper
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    WTB Parts needed for DIY LCD Tv/Monitor

    Recieved a working LG - LM185WH1 panel which has CCFL backlight. Searching a dual lamp inverter board and universal lcd tv controller board with remote for the panel to make it into a TV/Monitor.
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    CPU/Mobo End of Official Driver Support For Mercury Mobo's and Other Mercury Related Products

    Recently I was Searching Drivers for PIG31U motherboard and I was shocked that domain was saled in domain auction to name bright. somehow i managed to download drivers from 3rd party sources. But the saddest part official website is no longer available from Sunday, August 15, 2021...
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    WTB Trade Post

    I Need a single 8gb DDR3 Desktop RAM stick(1600 mhz) should pass memtest in for trade of 2*4GB DDR3 RAM Sticks (1600 mhz) ! Any one Pm me
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    WTB Raspberry Pi 3b+

    Looking for a Raspberry 3b+ (strictly 3b+) at a reasonable price. If any DM me !
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    WTB Rpi 3b+

    I am looking for rpi 3b+ at a reasonable price.
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    Indian HamRadio, Hobby Radio Lovers

    Any Indian HamRadio Users or Licence Holders Here ?
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    WTB Redmi 4x Display and Touch with panel

    I need a mobo dead redmi 4x with display intact.