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  1. madnav

    AudioTechnica M35

    Need to purchase the same ASAP. Must be under warranty and purchased in india. Wanted to purchase BNIB but not available at any retailer/distributor at the moment thus WTB listing. My Location: Navi Mumbai
  2. madnav

    CPU/Mobo ASUS M4A88T-M Command Rate Attribute missing from BIOS

    Hello, I purchased M4A88T-M yesterday but to my surprise, ASUS does not facilitate Command Rate attribute selection in DRAM timing settings. This restricts me to using Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB @ 1333MHz for compatibility (irrespective of Timings) My existing config: X4 B50 2x4GB Vengeance...
  3. madnav

    Car & Bike Vehicle: Volkswagen Polo Highline 1.6 PSI (2010)

    Name: Volkswagen Polo Highline 1.6 PSI (2010) Date Added: 19 February 2012 - 05:38 PM Owner: madnav Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  4. madnav

    Car & Bike Vehicle: Honda CBR250R STD (2011)

    Name: Honda CBR250R STD (2011) Date Added: 19 February 2012 - 05:35 PM Owner: madnav Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  5. madnav

    Rooting Motorola FireXT 530

    This is how to root Motorola Fire XT 530 [Q] How to Root Moto XT316(base on 2.3.4) - Page 2 - xda-developers Method works for XT 530 if you use normal superoneclick root and not the one provided in that tutorial. You will have SU icon in app drawer after this procedure, however it will lack...
  6. madnav

    Free GameLoft Games for Android

    No you have not mistaken, neither have I :ohyeah: gameloft Click on free game, enter Country, Carrier, Manufacturer, Model and your Phone number in pop up. They send the link to you via push msg so enable push if you have disabled them. Enjoy while it lasts, not all games are free...
  7. madnav

    [XBOX360] xk3y ODDE - Solder-free Optical Disc Drive Emulator

    Alright, this is an Interest Check as im anyways ordering one for me. Standard International shipping takes about 4-5weeks so we can cut that crap by ordering in bulk using DHL 6day shipping. Deal Link: xk3y X360 Key USB Loader for Xbox360 Flat & Slim (English Version) we may be able to save...
  8. madnav

    User Guides [XBOX360] Guide to choosing Solder-free ODDE - Optical Disc Drive Emulators

    Alright, most of you must already be familiar with usb loader x360key.. Let us get acquainted with current available options. :) This thread is created because I'm dumbstruck between x360key and wasabi 360 usb loaders... And of course, to confuse you all equally :P Wasabi Pros over x360key...
  9. madnav

    Need support if you have good feedback over xda

    xda-developers Can pay via you if the seller still feels insecure.
  10. madnav

    Car & Bike Last Minute suggestions.. CBR250R

    Alright, have decided on CBR250R STD and anticipate to get it home coming diwali (for which, I would have to book asap as waiting period is 15days) Current Price split up in Navi Mumbai (Pratik honda, Vashi) Ex-Showroom Rs.146327/- Insurance Rs.2039/- Registration Navi Mumbai Rs.12674/-...
  11. madnav

    Is Religion above Nation ?

    Is Religion above Nation ? Religion has been the cause of maximum wars witnessed by the mankind and this man still finds a religious POV in a protest/revolution. Is this Ideology not capable of manipulating masses on the basis of Religion against Nation if the need be? Bukhari calls stir...
  12. madnav

    [NEWS] Samsung Mobile Buys Steve “Cyanogen†Kondik For An Undisclosed Amount

    He does make it clear that this has nothing to do with CM.. but we can expect better support for more samsung devices if the dev has access to stuff from samsung. Source: BREAKING: Samsung Mobile Buys Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik For An Undisclosed Amount
  13. madnav

    An update on Motorola’s locked boot-loader situation

    :clap: An update on Motorola’s locked boot-loader situation
  14. madnav

    Movie Critics Thread

    Alright, we have all come across movies which make no sense or are so stupid...stupidly overhyped for no reasons unknown to the mankind. :@ I have very low tolerance to stupidity thus im starting this thread,..and im very sure this is the right place :P Spread the awareness by criticizing the...
  15. madnav

    Correct way to encounter noobs

    alright, found this on xda.. wish we had something like this for TE :P hope this is in the correct section :bleh:
  16. madnav

    Graphic Cards Consumer GPU for AutoCad

    One of my friend need a consumer gpu (for a workstation one may not be affordable i guess) any consumer gpu or anything under 8k which can help with autocad would do. primary and sole application is autocad. rest of the specs would be a quad core, 4GB DDR3 and working on dell 19" LCD.
  17. madnav

    Car & Bike Seat Covers and stuff

    Want to get seat covers for my Polo 1.6MPi Highline. Ideally I would want something to Match the interiors.. (beige and black) Dad also wants lamination done to the stock carpet. I'm not sure if this would void warranty (would contact VW and confirm) but this is something which will be useful...
  18. madnav

    Closet Clearance Sale

    Alright, seems like I have too much excess unused stuff lying around in my shelf... Need to clear this to cover damages for new Cam :) Upcoming Products for which I will update pricing soon.. 160GB WD Blue (WD1600AAJS) Condition: - Sealed, Brand New. Warranty Valid Upto - 18-02-2014...
  19. madnav

    Canon EOS 1100D

    Looking forward to purchase Canon EOS 1100D with or without supplied 18-55mm Lens. Also looking for a compatible Prime Lens. Camera should be under warranty. Topic is also open to suggestion for sources where i can purchase one for a good price. PM me offer with consideration of current...
  20. madnav


    Alright, GT section is worsening the tech quality of TE for many of us members. I just looked into my recent posts and it appeared to me that I have not post anywhere else for a long time...:ashamed: even the atrix review is undue :ashamed: So this is an intervention to all you similar...