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  1. manuvikraman


    Looking for MAC MINI M1 16GB RAM VERSION Used_ PM if any offer.
  2. manuvikraman

    WTB Any Graphic Card Under 10K

    Looking for any graphic card under 10k to keep as a backup one, Thanks
  3. manuvikraman

    WTB Mining board 6/12 card supported

    Looking for used or new Mining Board 6 cards prefered. PM me if any offer Thanks in advance
  4. manuvikraman

    WTB Mac Mini M1

    Looking for a Mac Mini M1 PM me if anyone planning to sell.
  5. manuvikraman

    WTB ITX Mobo B550 / X570 & SFF PSU

    Looking for a used mobo and SFF power supply (600+) for an ITX build Open for cash or trade with my existing ATX PC Parts X570 Tomahawk Arctic Freezer II 360 RAD Cooler Master MWE 850 Gold Pm me offers. Thanks
  6. manuvikraman

    FS: Processor AMD 5600x, 3 Months Old with Bill and Warranty

    Hi, 3 Months old 5600x with bill box and warranty. Stock cooler not opened. Was using it on my secondary gaming and work Rig Never overclocked. Running with NH D15 temps 36-40 on idle and 66 on Load
  7. manuvikraman

    WTB iPhone SE (2016)

    Looking for sealed or mint condition SE with (90%+ Battery Efficiency) 16/32/64gb Budget 6-9k
  8. manuvikraman

    WTB Audio Technca Ath-Ad900x

    Looking for new or used but well maintained Ad900x
  9. manuvikraman

    WTB LED Strips for PC Case, diffused one.

    RGB not needed first preference to plain diffused white light leds It's for a non-RGB build with just one light from top to just to slightly highlight the hw inside. Pm me with price shipped to kerala.
  10. manuvikraman

    WTB iMac 27 Inch

    Looking for an iMac 27 inch in great condition for a friend of mine who has a photography studio. Top Priority to local deal from Kerala. Blore and Chennai second Priority Bump
  11. manuvikraman

    WTB Noctua Low profile coolers (NH-L9i/NH-U12S) or 1 Nos NF F12 120mm Noctua Fan (black)

    To use with 3600XT or near future 5600X Currently, have an NH D15 Chromax bought from a Prime couple of months back But the issue is not able to use both 140 mm fans and close the LianLi 215 case. Rams are 16gb*2 Corsair RGB Pro So looking for used coolers. Or a used Chromax black 120mm fan...
  12. manuvikraman

    WTB Noctua Coolers Wanted (AM4)

    Looking for used coolers with fan from Noctua Noctua NH-L9A Noctua NH-U12S
  13. manuvikraman

    FS: Headphone Headphone (ATH 700X), In Ear Monitors (AT IM 70, ZST), Fiio Q1 DAC

    Selling all these as none of them being used anymore. ATH AD 700X Bought if from a seller in Chennai 2019 Nov No warranty No Box or Bill. (It was unused.) I used it for 6 months and then i moved back to ATH M50X Modified to a detachable cable. Have original cable, but back in Chennai. (Can...
  14. manuvikraman

    FS: Others Watches for sale (Ventus Caspian - Citizen GMT Ecodrive)

    Selling those which are not getting enough wrist time. Ventus Capsian C 03 Got this from a Watch collector in Chennai back in 2018 Used maximum of 10 times over the years. I have the original strap that came with it. Nylon The one it is a custom Italian strap done for 3k. Watch moment is Seiko...
  15. manuvikraman

    WTB Looking for a Graphic Card under 12-15k with warranty

    Looking for a card to use with my home pc AMD 3300x + Corsair 16gb 3200 +Gigabyte B550 Arous Pro for time being until new build on Jan I am looking for a card with at least a 1-year warranty.
  16. manuvikraman

    WTB B550 Motherboard

    Looking for a B550 Motherboard for 3300x and later swap with 5600x or better on Jan with 3070
  17. manuvikraman

    WTB Ryzen 3700x and above

    Looking for a used 3700x or higher.
  18. manuvikraman

    WTB Noctua 120mm fan

    Looking for a 120mm (black or regular) fan to use with my new D15 black edition.
  19. manuvikraman

    PC Peripherals Corsair 110r w/ Noctua NH-D15

    Hi Does anyone have one such setup? Will it fit in fine? Or do i need to look for a full tower? I am planning to get 110R case for my full black NH d15 but not sure if it will fit fine? Mobo CPU i am planning to go for is AMD 3600, MSI X570, RTX 2060 Can anyone help me with that?
  20. manuvikraman

    WTB PS4 Pro 1TB

    Hi, Looking for a good PS4 Pro 1TB with multiple controllers Shipped to Kerala. Under warranty will be given first preference. Thanks