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    WTB 4th gen i7 processor

    Looking to buy 4th gen i7 processor, please let me know if anyone have ,Thanks
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    Budget 71-90K Good laptop for coding and General Use

    Hello All, Looking to Buy a New Laptop, Currently i Use Desktop and old Asus Travelmate X550 Laptop, laptop will be used mostly coding (Linux) and general use, i use my desktop in general ,so it will be mostly used only when i am not on my Desktop. - 14 inch - will run linux ubuntu with...
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    WTB anyone have good PCI sound card ?

    Looking to buy good working PCI sound card, if anyone have please message me details. Thanks
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    Budget 21-30k Please help me upgrade

    HI finally after 5yrs looking to upgrade my machine.i am just looking for CPU,MB and RAM.please help me to decide, currently i am not sure should go for AMD or Intel based configuration. What is your budget? 25k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and...
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    Monitors dual monitor stand ?

    hi i have two monitors, dell 2412M and dell e22wfp, i want to put old 22" to portrait mode, so looking for some good quality stand with swivel functionality. i will prefer if its free standing or if budget allows want to get a good quality dual monitor stand , something like...
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    Graphic Cards Graphic Card for *OLD* Configuration

    Hi, i am using pretty old config athlog 64 X2 5600+ asus M2A-VM PSU is corsair g500 i am moving to two monitor setup and my present card doesn't not have second DVI or VGA so i am looking for a new card, with can work in my existing configuration. should able to handle two monitor setup i will...
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    Monitors New Monitor-27" or 24" ?

    Hi, currently i am dell 22" E-series and planning to add one extra monitor , main usage will be text and movies, no gaming. looking to buy a good ips panel but confuse about should go for 27" or 24" (both at 1920 res), will 27" at 1920 will be difficult to work for coding etc ? all...
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    PC Peripherals belkin surge protector plug type

    sorry for asking this, but does plugs in surge protector are universal type ? i am looking for surge protector with plug type G , will belkin work ? Thanks,
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    PC Peripherals Need Fans for a Zebronics Bijli cabinet

    Hi All, i am running a pretty old configuration (Althlon 64 X2) recently i have added 1 TB WD black, now as summer is coming i see HDD temp rises sometimes to 55 so just want better fans i have bijli cabinet which came two small fans on side panel , no rear fan, so basically i am looking...
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    PC Peripherals looking for new mouse

    Hello All, my old MX518 is creating issues, so planning to buy new mouse. most of time it will be used for surfing, programming etc. NO gamming. i use 22" monitor on rsolution 1680x1050. so should be fast enough and should have smooth scroll wheel, hate mx518 scroll. budget is not an issue...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate 7200.14 , WD Caviar Black or WD caviar Blue, which one to use as system disk?

    Hello all, dropped SSD plan and looking for new system HDD, have select three options after reading different post on this wonderful forum. so which one i should buy ? for me relaiablity is must other things comes later (speed,size etc), will prefer 1 TB one is possible. so please post your...
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    Storage Solutions which 128 GB SSD ? OCZ vertext4 VS Crucial m4

    Hello All, i am looking to buy a new SSD, it will be OS drive and will install ubuntu 12 on it. - which SSD , OCZ comes with 5 year warranty, - there another option intel 520 which again comes with 5 year warranty. - pc is used mainly for web development so reliablity is major factor. - also...
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    Storage Solutions external 1TB HDD for linux

    Hello, i am planning to buy 1 tb external HDD , i checked sevral but no HDD mentions it supports linux, can you please suggest any external HDD for lunux. disk will be used manily used for backup and data storage, and will remain disconnected most of time. does any mfg offer 5 year warranty...
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    PC Peripherals Transreceiver for Microsoft Natural Ergonomic desktop set 7000 ?

    Hi All, so far i was using Microsoft natural ergo desktop 7000, but its dead. NO there is no issue with either keyboard or mouse but thing is my transreceiver is damaged and its not working anymore and guess what there is no replacement available. i can't pay and buy new transreceiver...
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    PC Peripherals simple mouse pad ?

    Hi all, i am looking to buy a mouse pad, i use MX 518 and MS 7000 . i am not into gaming , so any simple (but good) mouse pad will do, budget is around 500, how is Razer Goliathus - Fragged Omega Mouse Pad Control | Mousepad | or 3M Foam Wrist Rests For Mouse MW209MB...
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    WTB looking for old GFX card,8600GT,9600FGT etc

    Hi all, i am looking for old Gfx card, 8600GT,8800GT etc.. i guess prices shouldn't be much for these models now let me know if you have any with price expected. Regards, Lokesh
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    PC Peripherals Pc shuts off, please help to trace the issue

    Hi, i am running following configuration, AMD X2 5600+asus m2av-VM Sapphire ATI Radeon 2400 pro, 4 GB RAM Zebronics pure platinum 500 W PSU now sometimes pc just power off without any warning or any sign, one more obersrvation, when i push the power button to start it again it works...
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    pc with horizontal cabinet

    Hi All, i am looking to build a horizontal machine, so what are my options for horizontal cabinet. it will be used mainly for internet,word etc. Thanks for help, --- Updated Post - Automerged --- anyone ? looking for MB and CPU too, planning to buy AMD, can someone suggest me a CPU and...
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    home networking?

    Hi All, here is my current setup, i use BSNL UL 750 plan with BSNL type 2 modem, also using BSNL IPTV. currently i am not able to use wi-fi as current modem can not take this much load (this is my guess), when i enable wi-fi it works without any issue but as soon as i start iptv wi-fi does not...
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    Storage Solutions new external HDD for nbox media player?

    Hi All, i am looking to buy new external HDD for nbox V2 media player, which one should i go for goflex or desk ? i am more inclined towards desk 1 TB version which comes with 5 yr warranty, any better option ? Thanks in advance.