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  1. subhasis

    PC Peripherals Help me identify this device ?

    Hi guys a friend of my , send me this picture asking whats device is this and what is its name ? Any thoughts
  2. subhasis

    Why Made in China ?

    Just a simple question ...What could be the reasons that most of the Electronics stuffs are manufactured in china ?
  3. subhasis

    What is the best Hosting in India ?

    Ok guys a friend of mine wants to showcase his photography skills , so he wants to launch a photography website , what will be the best Hosting for this purpose ?
  4. subhasis


    Product Name:INTEL CORE I5 4690K 3.5 GHz Expected Price:SOLD Source and Time of Purchase:12/02/2015 Reason for sale: Upgradation Product condition: Good condition 10/10. Remaining Warranty period:Jan 2018 Invoice Available:Yes. Servicing history: never serviced Manufacturer page URL...
  5. subhasis

    Which programmimg to learn for a complete beginner ?

    Hi guys which programming to learn for a complete beginner ?
  6. subhasis

    Storage Solutions Best Possible way to Backup Sensitive Data ?

    Hi guys ...Need to Backup some very important Data For work ...what is the best possible way to keep backup of the sensitive data through Hardware or Software or a combination of both ...just in no way can loose the Data at any cost .....................
  7. subhasis

    Graphic Cards Need help configuring two monitors

    Hi guys how should i connect a samsung 23inch LED and a 27 inch HD monitor to a single Zotac GTX 980 ...
  8. subhasis

    Hi Guys

    Hi guys my name is Subhasis Basu and i am from Kolkata. i have just joined the league . Hope you guys will teach me and help in my journey with you .. i am here to learn a lot from all of you . Regards Subhasis
  9. subhasis

    Monitors LED Display Buying Help ?

    Hi Guys Got the i7 got the GTX 980 and also edifier 5.1 what i am looking is a nice piece of Display budget is maximum of 40k ...preferably 4k monitors ...need advice as there are so many Displays out there ...Will be primarily using it for Photoshop , Maya and also Gaming . Regards
  10. subhasis

    Audio Recomendation for 5.1 Speaker system under 25k ?

    Hi Just got the Maximus VII Hero ...What will be the best 5.1 speaker system with this Motherboard onboard sound mainly for Music and Gaming ? Regards
  11. subhasis

    CPU/Mobo Motherboard for i7 4790k ; budget under 30k

    Hi everyone . Just got an i7 4790k and 16 Gigs of Corsair Ram , would be using the system mainly for gaming and Autocad , what would be a good Motherboard under 30k for the purpose , obviously would not be using it for overclocking purpose . Regards