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    Need choices for dual core Androids

    I'm looking for the next range of Androids which will have Dual Core processors.. I know that the Motorola ATRIX 4G is out already but it's currently locked to AT&T and will not be available unlocked for a few more months. I am also looking at the Samsung Galaxy S2 and think that might be a good...
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    OC & Modding Looking for UV Reactive Cable Sleeves/Paint

    Hey guys! I've got myself a Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced with a transparent side panel, a bunch of 120+ mm fans and a UV tube. I need to get myself some sleeves for the cable so that they glow.. any ideas where I can pick them up from in India. Also, any ideas where I can pick up some UV...
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    Unable to play games on XBox Live

    I have a XBox Elite with gold membership. My XBox is connected to my Netgear router which connects to the internet. I can connect my xbox to Live fine. I can get updates and stuff. But when it comes to playing a game on Live, I can't start the game. For Halo 3, it drops out before the match...
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    Looking for XBox 360 Accessories

    I wanted to get my hands on a XBox Wireless Controller (black) and 2 Play and Charge packs (charging cords + Li-Ion Batteries) for my 360 Elite. Any ideas where I can get the best rates.. For those who haven't noticed my profile, I am in Mumbai :P I asked in a Chroma store I passed by the other...
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    Laptops Dell Studio XPS 1640 Remotes?

    I'm not a 100% sure if this is the correct place for this but I'll let it rip. I'm sorry if this isn't the correct sub forum. I own a Dell Studio XPS 1640 and the machine comes with an IR port in the front but sadly no remote and no indication of an availability of data transfer through there...
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    Linux Ubuntu Boot Freeze on connecting NViDIA GeForce 7300GT

    Hey people! I'd like to start off by saying I am a Windows Power User (ha ha.. yes I can see all the jokes myself :P) and have recently installed Ubuntu full time on an old machine I got. This is not my first experience with Linux and I'm not afraid of the Terminal. My past experiences with...