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    FS: Networking TP-Link TL-MR3620 AC1350 Router with USB Port (file sharing/4G dongle)

    Selling my TP-Link TL-MR3620 router since I have upgraded to a Gigabit router and separate NAS and no longer need it. Product link: Some quick info about router: LAN/WAN speed: 10/100Mbps, does not have Gigabit ports Wi-Fi...
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    How to request Google to remove my personal info

    Hi folks. A disgruntled business owner has put my personally identifiable info online because I gave them a bad review. How do I request Google to remove it? There is no option to report the review reply on Google.
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    WTB 5-port network switch, preferably gigabit

    Budget 500 including shipping. Max age 3 years. Location Mumbai.
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    FS: Others Brand new Belkin 8-socket surge protector

    Selling a brand new Belkin surge protector bought during the sale. I bought it without thinking much and now it's not fitting my requirements. Will be buying something with individual switches and USB ports. Price is non-negotiable, I'm selling it at invoice value which doesn't reflect the...
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    Audio Can't get proper surround output from Vu Premium Android TV using ARC

    Hello friends. I recently got a Pioneer VSX-534 AVR with 5.0 speakers. I have a Vu Premium Android 4K TV, 50", bought in 2019. I connected the AVR with my TV yesterday using HDMI ARC. My primary mode of playing content is directly on my smart TV, either through Netflix/Prime, or through my NAS...
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    FS: Home Audio Video F&D F550X 2.1 Bluetooth speaker with NFC/FM/USB/Memory card playback & IR Remote

    Selling my 5 year old much loved F&D F550X speakers as I have now upgraded to a home theater setup. The speakers were in use till yesterday and have run with zero problems. The remote also works perfectly fine. These are no audiophile speakers of course, but the sound is pretty good for its...
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    WTB Looking for a used AVR

    A 5.1 AVR, around 3 years old. Budget ~15k. Anyone has one or knows someone who has one or has any pointers as to where I can get one in Mumbai, please let me know.
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    Audio 2.1/Bookshelf speakers in Mumbai for ~20k - what and where to buy

    I am looking to upgrade my audio experience. After reading for a bit, I have narrowed down my choices to bookshelf or 2.1 speakers, discarding my idea of a soundbar or a full setup with receiver. However, I am still not decided on which speakers to buy. Here's what I need: The speakers are...
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    Power strip/surge protector with USB ports

    I'm looking for a power strip/surge protector with built in USB ports. These days a lot of electronics connect via micro USB or USB C and having separate adapters for each is a hassle. I'm primarily looking to connect my DAC, Alexa, and some charging like headphones, tablet, smart watch, etc...
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    I repaired my own mobile and it made me really happy

    I am a person from commerce background and I have never had any lab practicals during school or college. But I've always been interested in computers and electronics. When we got our first computer at home, my brother would open the side panel and show me what was what. Eventually I learnt to...
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    FS: Laptop HP Pavillion G6 2312AX Laptop - functional, but not in great condition for 4.5k

    I have an HP Pavillion G6 laptop bought in July 2013. It has AMD A10 processor and AMD Radeon 7670M GPU. The internals of the laptop work fine, i.e., it's usable with an external keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The laptop, though 8 years old, has been used only for 5-6 years. At various points in...
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    PC Peripherals Looking for a Gigabit router

    I have been looking to upgrade to a Gigabit router. Today there is a sale on Amazon where TP-Link Archer C80 AC1900 is available for ₹3400 as compared to its usual price of ₹4500. Is this a good router and should I go for it?
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    WTB NAS Hard drive 4TB or more

    I'm looking for a NAS drive, like Ironwolf, WD Red or even surveillance drives like WD Purple, Seagate Skyhawk etc. Not older than 2 years. Let me know if anyone is looking to sell.
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    Monitors Thinking about a large monitor, but confused about what to go for

    I have been using my old 22" LG TV as monitor for a while. It works quite well. Especially having inbuilt speakers is quite helpful as it requires less cabling and is hassle free. However, it's Full HD and I'm now looking for something bigger (27-28") and higher res (2k/4k), so that I can...
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    WTB Non-working Nokia 6.1 Plus with a working charging port

    I have a Nokia 6.1 plus. The charging port is damaged. If someone has the same phone with some other damage, I'm willing to take it to try and repair my own phone. We can negotiate the price, but not willing to spend much. Outside repair will cost me ~1000, so less than that.
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    FS: Home Audio Video Generic DAC (Optical/Coaxial to RCA) - Rs. 200

    I have a DAC which is working perfectly fine. It is unbranded, bought from Amazon in November 2019 (invoice attached). If anyone need a cheap DAC, you can pick it up. It can be used to connect a speaker which only supports RCA or 3.5mm input with a TV or other device which has Optical/Coaxial...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Google Home Mini - June 2018

    I have a Google Home Mini bought in June 2018 for sale. The device is working perfectly fine. However, I got into the Amazon ecosystem and bought a couple of Echo devices. Google Home is not being used much since then. So I am selling it. I have the original power adapter and invoice copy is...
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    FS: Home Audio Video Chromecast V1

    I have Chromecast which was bought 5 years ago. However, I got a smart TV almost two years ago and since then the Chromecast is lying unused. The device is working perfectly fine and I have the original USB cable, power adapter and HDMI extender (which is still in the original plastic pack as I...
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    How to dispose of electronics in Mumbai?

    I have some old electronics which are no longer usable and taking up space. How or where can I dispose them safely so that they don't end up in a landfill?
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    FS: Storage Hardware [SOLD] ADATA SU650 960GB SATA SSD

    I have an ADATA SU650 960GB SATA SSD for sale. Here's the Amazon link for the drive since Adata's official website is not opening for me. I bought this SSD from a forum member here in seal pack along with an NUC. However, after getting the SSD, I got a NAS device with higher capacity hard...