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  1. T outwits Credit Card Fraudster

    Just a little something that will maybe help people feel more secure while using their CC to shop online... :) Alert businessman outwits credit card fraudster Also on Page 4 of the Mumbai Mirror !! :)
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    Biostar AMD 785 Chipset Motherboards

    The TechShopGuy is here! I've got a couple of good deals on AMD 785G based motherboards from Biostar Reviews Anandtech 785G Review TA 785GE 128M * Supported Socket AM3 processors AMD Phenom II X4 / Phenom II X3 / Phenom II X2 processor * Support latest AMD Phenom X4 , X3 /...
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    Pre-Order: First on the Block - Intel P55 Motherboards!! Stocks Limited.

    The TechShopGuy is HERE!! bringing you the hottest deals on the newest chipset from Intel! The Intel P55 chipset boards are nearly upon us, heres a chance to be one of the first ones to actually get your hands on Intel's new Lynnfield supporting Motherboards featuring the P55 Ibex Peak Chipset...
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    AMD Phenom II & Athlon II Deals !

    TechShop brings you the complete range of AMD Phenom II and Athlon II Processors. Take a look at our deals on them in the table below. X2 Phenom II 550 5710/- X3 Phenom II 720 7750/- X4 Phenom II 955 13200/- AMD ATHLON II X2 240 3350/- AMD ATHLON II X2 245 3600/- AMD ATHLON II...
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    AMD Athlon II X2 245 & Biostar Motherboards.

    I've got some good deals lined up. The first and only offer on the New AMD Athlon II X2 245. We've got em in stock and ready to ship. A contender for the VFM crown long held by the E5200. Athlon II X2 245- 3600/- + Shipping. Cpu Speed: 2.9 GHz Fabrication: 45nm SOI Cache: 2MB Socket: AM3 TDP...
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    [Pre-Order] Antec Skeleton - Revolutionary Case at An Aamazing Price

    TheTechShopGuy is HERE !! I'm bringing you a great deal on the stunning Antec Skeleton. A case built for the die hard tweaker; who likes nothing more than to have his components cool and quiet. This is a special Pre-Order Just for you guys here on TE. The case is on the way to us at TechShop and...
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    Hard Drive Hungama !! Internal & External Drives at Amazing Prices

    The TechShopGuy is here! Presenting to you some great deals on Hard Drives to meet all your needs. We've got something for everyone; from the silence seeking HTPC builder to the enthusiast who wants nothing more than blazing fast transfer speeds. Check out the deals we've got to offer !:hap2...
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    The Palit nVidia Graphics Card Thread

    TheTechShopGuy is back ! Bringing you the hottest deals on nVidia GT200 Series Cards by Palit Palit GTX 260 216 GeForce® GTX 260 Sonic 216 SP (896MB) Rs. 10600 Further equipped with 216 Stream Processor, GeForce™ GTX 260 Sonic, the overclocking edition, is to provide ultimate gaming and...
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    WD 1TB My Book World Edition NAS Rs.12028/-

    External Hard Drives: Western Digital My Book World Edition WDH1NC10000 1TB 7200RPM 16MB SATA Rs. 12028/- + Shipping (for non-CC payment option) Will be adding more External Hard Drives soon :) . For Shipping Charges, we have different rates for various product categories as well as for...
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    Your Favourite Dell product !! are now authorized dealers for Dell products. Now Order Your Favourite Dell product right here by filling out the form at :) . FULL CUSTOMIZATION POSSIBLE ON VOSTRO, INSPIRON and PRECISION LAPTOPS !!! Also, please do drop a post here so that we can keep other...
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    IC: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500/E8600 45nm Processors

    Hey, I have recently seen a lot of members here express interest in the E8500/E8600 and by my Google Research :ashamed:, they are great performers mainly because of their RAW clock speeds of 3.16/3.33 GHz. Also they allow for major tweaking and overclocks because they ship with completely...
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    AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz BE is here !!!

    The AMD Phenom II is here !!!!!!!! :D Product Link and Price: AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8GHz Triple Core Black Edition Processor Rs. 8266/- + Shipping Batch Number : 0904EPMW ; Read this : Unlocking the 4th Core - Guru3D Product Link and Price: AMD Phenom II X4 810 2.6GHz Quad Core Processor Rs...
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    Intel E7400, Q8200 and Q9300

    The latest arrival in the groundbreaking Core 2 Duo Series... :D Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 Rs. 6107/- + Shipping (for non-CC payment option) And the 45nm Value Quad Core... :D Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 Rs. 9354/- + Shipping (for non-CC payment option) Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 Rs. 12292/- +...
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    Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 Rs. 29999/- Shipped !!!!

    ONE PIECE ONLY !!!!!!!!!!! :hap5: The Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor features a TOTALLY UNLOCKED MULTIPLIER !!!! Quick Specs: Series: Core 2 Extreme Socket: LGA775 Frequency: 3.0 GHz FSB: 1333 MHz L2 Cache: 12 MB Process: 45 nm Link:
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    Free Tagan 800BZ / Corsair 750TX Power Supply!!!!!!!!

    NEW YEAR DHAMAKA !!!!!!!! :S STEP 1: BUY eVGA NVIDIA e-GeForce GTX280 01G-P3-1284-AR 1GB GDDR3 SSC Super Superclocked version Graphics Card Price: Rs. 31545/- ALL INDIA SHIPPED STEP 2: CHOOSE FOR FREE BETWEEN a) Tagan BZ800 800W Modular Power Supply OR b) Corsair CMPSU-750TX 750W Power...
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    The Core i7 thread :)

    Short and Simple, Book 'em Fast !!! Motherboards: MSI X58 Pro Motherboard Rs. 13598/- + Shipping. Biostar TPower X58 Motherboard Rs. 14141/- + Shipping. Asus P6T Deluxe Intel X58 LGA 1366 Motherboard (Not OC Palm) Rs. 22082/- + Shipping --- Out of Stock. MSI X58 Platinum LGA 1366 Intel X58...
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    GO: Palit HD4870 Sonic Dual Edition 512MB and 1GB

    Here's a GO for all you 4870 FANS - The Palit Sonic Dual Edition Cards featuring GDDR5 Memory !!! Palit ATI Radeon HD4870 Sonic Dual Edition 512MB Graphics Card: Rs. 15799/- Shipped Palit ATI Radeon HD4870 Sonic Dual Edition 1GB Graphics Card: Rs. 17999/- Shipped Featuring the Smart Switch...
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    WD 2TB WD20EADS Rs. 14120/- + Shipping

    Short and Simple: Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB WD20EADS SATA Rs. 14120/- + Shipping Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive Rs. 7283/- + Shipping (for non-CC payment option) Seagate 7200.12 ST3500410AS 500GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA Rs. 3242/- +...
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    Dell Vostro A860 15.6" WideScreen Rs. 29307/-

    Dell Vostroâ„¢ A860 Laptop Rs. 29307/- (for non-CC payment option) Shipping: Rs. 500/- to 1000/- outside Mumbai, Rs. 150/- inside Mumbai (Insured Shipping also available, PM for details) Quick Specs: Processor: Intel Dual Core T1400 Memory: 1GB Dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM Hard Disk: 160GB...
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    AMD Phenom X3 and X4 Mid Range

    Here's some AMD CPU Deals... hopefully, they'll create some dhamakas :bleh: AMD Phenom X3 8450 Processor Rs. 4969/- AMD Phenom X3 8650 Processor Rs. 5639/- AMD Phenom X4 9550 Processor Rs. 6739/- :D All prices include DTDC SHIPPING and are for non-CC payment option. PM me for Details...