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    Samsung N128 and USB DVD Writer

    I need to buy 2 Samsung N128s and 2 USB DVD writers. One is for me. The other is for my friend. The Ebay dealers selling the n128 at 13.5k are slow at all forms of response and I'm not able to get them talking at the moment for COD at mumbai / pick-up from store. Looking to buy it new from any...
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    Laptops Laptop for FullHD over HDMI

    What would be the minimum best laptop for 1080-HD rips & playing HD ISOs with HDMI out.. any suggestions? TIA,
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    Laptops Laptop for Autocad

    An architect friend of mine is looking to buy a laptop to supplement desktop usage. Primary usage would be AutoCAD and other related open source alternatives. Requirements are as follows: - Good number cruncher. Dual core 64-bit. Preferably Intel. - Good on board video card (preferably GeForce...
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    Monitors PUNE: 24" LCD - Where to buy?

    Where do I buy a 24" LCD from, in Pune? Most prices here seem to be atleast 1-1.5k more than what's mentioned here on TE. I've heard all reasons from 'that price is without VAT. Add 4%+' to 'currently in high demand, unavailable, hence high price' An example of the prices I've received: BenQ...
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    PC Peripherals Cheap entertainment PC

    [Edit: UPDATED Specs] I'm planning on a cheap entertainment PC.. I'm looking for suggestions on options, price, and (possibly) dealers in Pune where I could get it from.. I've also put in some more details after the Q template The stuff: 1. Q: What is your budget? 1. 30K...