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    FS: Photography fuji av100 with 2x sanyo eneloop batteries plus charger, and guess watches

    1. fuji av 100 p&s camera 12 mp with 3x optical zoom with box and accesories including case, 4gb memory card plus sanyo eneloop charger plus 2 eneloop batteries 2000 mAh , plus kodak charger and 2 kodak rechargeable batteries. the sanyo charger doesnt work, it never worked from day one, never...
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    FS: Others jabra freeway car bluetooth handsfree

    jabra freewway car bluetooth sparingly used good battery standby time of 8-10 days with actual usage of 3-4 days without charging, as good as new, purchased a year back for my fiesta which i sold now my new car has inbuilt bluetooth so i dont need it price : 4500 +shipping
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    FS: Storage Hardware 2 x 500 gb seagtae hdd sata

    selling 2 x 500 gb 7200 rpm seagate hdd's sata interface in proper working condition, no problem watsoever sold my desktop already so dont need these anymore price 1500 shipped for each 2750 shipped for combo pack
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    FS: Video Card HD5450 radeon and ASUS xonar dg sound card

    i m selling my graphic card hd3450 purchased in april 2014 very less used as i used my desktop scarcily since last year (now sold ). so selling this i have all the bills and the box another is the asus xonar dg sound card bought in january 2015 so basically its not used at all asking price...
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    WTB 1 TB laptop internal hard drive

    well i am looking for 1 TB laptop internal hard drive 0- brand new or even slightly old i am not able to source it from anywhere as of now , can anyone direct me from where i can get it thanks!!
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    Nook touch or ipad2 or ipad3?

    Ahhh.... finally logged in and posting after a long time on TE , to get some tech advise ofcourse , ok , so the big question here is wat to get - the nook or the ipad (2or3) , Basically i m looking for a tablet for reading books. i have just started my postgraduation in Radiodiagnosis and...
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    Video urgently required- AC 1 ton, fridge and a TV tuner card

    guys i ll be shifting to a hostel room and require the following : 1. AC - 1 tonne 2. Fridge- 180-200 Ltrs 3. A usb powered external TV tuner card for laptop as i ll be moving within 3-4 days so i need to purchase this on urgent basis , i need good vfm- mid range of the above things , so...
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    Car & Bike Ford Fiesta tyre change urgent help!

    as said i need to change 2 of my tyres in my ford fiesta diesel,currently running on mrf zv2k 175/65/14 , dont need any upsize, as i wud be changing only 2 tyres which tyres do u recommend guys , bridgestone or michellins , just want better comfort,handling and low noise and shud last long ...
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    How to open .chm files?

    hi , i am not able to open .chm files in windows 7, i had downloaded a few text books in.chm format but i am not able to open it , please help guys, TIA
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    What actually is Amway business?

    i am sure all of you might have heard of AMWAY and their products and their business as well i just want to know how really good is this amway buisness , is it really worth the time , when i look around and see the type of people involved including many high profile one as well , i am...
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    Punjab National Bank Internet Banking Query

    so , i was trying to login to my pnb internet banking site , i enter my log in id , then i enter the password provided , but i get this weird message , its asking me to register for IBS key number , ok , fine even after selecting yes or no either of them i get redirected to the log in screen...
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    Hush Puppies Shoes- Adult 9 (Euro 43)- Never Worn - 749 shipped

    i m selling my hush puppies shoe size 9 euro 43 bought from Big shoe bazaar about 2-3 months ago , dont remember exactly, these have been lying as such e ever since , never worn outside just tried once or twice in my room only , u can see the pics attached, these were on sale during that...
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    New Zealand TV host suspended for mispronouncing Delhi's CM name

    Wellington, Oct 6 (ANI): A New Zealand television station has suspended its breakfast show host Paul Henry for mispronouncing Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit's name several times in a crude manner. Henry's slurs featured as a clip on TVNZ website in which he ridicules the name of...
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    Flat 20% off at

    Flat 20% off at on Funny and Crazy Office T-shirts - Hurry Personalized Gifts, T-Shirts & More | T-Shirt Designs Collection coupon code: OFFICE20 IS THIS A GOOD SITE , ANYBODY TRIED , I HAVE NO IDEA , GOT IT IN MAIL TODAY
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    Camera urgent help- need a budget P&S for basic photogarphy

    guys i m buying a digicam for the first time , since now i have only used the film reel cameras or my nokia n73 , looking for a budget camera in the price range of 4-6K which has good picture quality 1.eBay India: Nikon Coolpix L21 + 2GB SD + Battery Charger+Case (item 180563268766 end time...
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    Recommend me some hollywood movies to watch

    so guys off late i have been getting bored , want to see some nice movies if u guys can recommend some good movies in the following genre: 1.action 2.suspense/thriller 3.mobster/gangster movies 4.robbery movies 5. out n out comedies - even sex comedies :P i am really looking forward to...
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    New addition to my collection and my growing love for watches - CASIO 534D

    i got this a week back in addition to these : here are the pictures damges ~6k
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    My 2 new watches

    bought them some time back , was too lazy to post here .. 1. seiko military chronograph SND-127 2. Casio Edifice EF- 540D- 1AVDF seiko one for the DAD , its very light at just 105 grams , and the casio for me , looks more flashy :P and weighs 186 grams , its case is quite thick...
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    Storage Solutions Rainbow/National Dual Layer dvd's 8.5GB

    ok, i had recently purchased the above mentioned dual layer discd from dvdstore delhi first of all they are not 8.5gb as mentioned , they are actually 7.9gb , 3.98gb in a single layer i had purchased 5 of them as trial , they burn quite well at 4x giving me a burn time of ~ 26 mins on my LG...
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    FS: Brand new, Sealed pack PL21 for 750 shipped-- Read on

    ok here is the deal , i had purchased the sound magic pl21 from mediahome about 2 weeks back, and then suddenly after 2-3 days it went kaput which was sent to mediahome for RMA , since then its lying with mediahome and i asked him for a refund , which he says he cant give coz he says he does...