1. C

    Suggestions to drive 2.1 speakers

    After the control unit in my Edifier C2 2.1 speaker system died, I'm stuck with just the working speakers. After initially deciding to buy a new 2.1 system (even put up a WTB thread here), I'm now considering buying an amplifier to drive the existing speakers. All 3 speakers are in impeccable...
  2. C

    WTB 2.1 speakers

    Looking for a 2.1 setup, an upgrade over my Edifier C2. Ideally looking for something 5k-ish. Could possibly go up to double that, if something really nice turns up. These are for general listening on my desktop machines, and not looking for anything too bass-heavy. Also open to buying new...
  3. P

    Audio Replacement for x600

    Looking to buy 2.1 speakers for my PC Bought edifier x600 4yrs back, and they served me well, until a week ago when they gave up. Now, I am looking for speakers that can deliver same or better sound quality. My x600 gave out 40W RMS, and I loved its bass (which is what i am looking for)...
  4. sid1712

    Audio 2.1 Speakers for TV

    Budget : 15-25k Requirements TV shows/news : 35% Movies : 50% Music : 15% The room is around 15x18 feet but there is a lack of space near the TV so i can't buy any large speakers / subwoofers. 5.1 is out of the question. I've been searching for some decent speakers for my TV (which has some...