4k hdr gaming

  1. M

    Budget 90k+ Everything - 4K Gaming + VR + 4K Videos - 2 PC Set UP (Would Like to Keep the Existing One)

    I am looking to build a complete new setup and keep my existing one which will house my 1 SSD + 6 HDD and connect them together to one monitor. Exisiting Setup - Bought in 2012 (yes its old, but still works like a charm) CPU - i5 - 3550 CPU @ 3.30GHz Memory - 12.0 GB 3 X 4 GB GSKILL DDR 3 800...
  2. Sahil Sharma

    Need help finding a budget 4K HDR TV for PS4 pro gaming!

    Greetings everyone! This is my first thread in the forum and seeking help in buying a 55" 4K HDR TV primarily for 4K HDR gaming on Sony PS4 pro. Considering my limited budget, I am keen on VU 55" 4K Pixelight HDR TV. But is it any good for 4K HDR gaming on PS4 pro? Is there any motion blur or...