1. mayank0623

    How to create a VPN server on default Xstream router/Windows 10 PC?

    I'm trying to create a VPN tunnel from my laptop/phone to my home internet connection whenever I'm connected to public wifi. My Airtel fiber connection at home uses the default Nokia G-2425G-A router provided by the ISP. Is it possible to create a VPN tunnel using this router so all my internet...
  2. R

    Help with OPNSense, Airtel XStream & bridge mode

    I recently switched my second internet connection to Airtel from Spectra because Airtel was offering a good deal in conjunction with my postpaid phone plan, and I thought it would be good to have my public services on two connections (Spectra uses CGNAT). After many weeks of trying to get Airtel...
  3. lockhrt999

    Is your 5G phone really a 5G?

    This good video from beebom classifies some mobiles depending upon how many indian 5G bands they support. Apparently, many xiaomi, oppo, onePlus flagships don't support most of the Indian 5G bands. Many moto mid range phones support all of the 8 bands. My phone is neither 5G ready nor it's...
  4. rybka

    FS: Networking Plug And Play Airtel 150Mbps 4G LTE USB Dongle unlocked all sims+

    Plug And Play Connector Type :Wi-Fi, USB Brand: WINNET Huawaei Operating System:Versatile Routing Platform About this item AIRTEL3372, 4G Dongle Speed : 150 Mbps All SIM Working This is a 4G LTE LTE Multi-Mode USB stick E3372 Which is Capable to Deliver 150Mbps High Speed Internet to any...
  5. P

    Other Received flury of OTPs from various etailers

    30 min back received flury of OTPs from vendors like Flipkart, Apollo, snapdeal, lenskart, Netmeds and Dominos. All the otps total 42 received in 1-2 minutes. From this vendors last I gave my number to Apollo medical store to buy medicines not the first time though. Anyone faced such issue...
  6. M

    Android Carrier Aggregation on Airtel on Redmi K20 Pro

    Since the last two months I have noticed that I am not getting Carrier Aggregation on Airtel Postpaid on Band 40 on my Redmi K20 Pro. Earlier I used to get 40 Mbps and above with CA. Since August I am not getting CA and speeds seem to be capped at 15 Mbps. I feel Airtel is throttling the speeds...
  7. swatkats

    A-VO-ID: Do a minimum RC of Rs.35 per 28days or No outgoing calls (Even with Main Balance!)

    Inspired by Jio's strategy of minimum recharge of Rs 49/month, which made them profitable even with such low tariffs. A-VO-ID is planning to let go low ARPU (average revenue per user) totaling 20 crores! Airtel-Idea-Vodafone new compulsory recharge of minimum recharge of Rs.35/month...
  8. swatkats

    21 Days: Telecom operators new marketing gimmick after 28 days!

    The Rs 159 Recharge plan from Airtel offers a user 1GB of 4G/3G/2G data along with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day for a period of 21 days. (Do note, Jio offers 1.5GB/day at Rs 149/28days) On the other hand, Airtel, Vodafone Idea is limiting the voice calls to 250 minutes per day and...
  9. iosoft

    is Airtel cheating with their Rs 99/- Plan?

    Dear Friends, I need your suggestions before I file an official complain against Airtel and their wrong advertisement. If you Google "Airtel 99 Plan", you can see many articles from,, etc. All of them says one common thing - Rs 99/- for Unlimited Call...
  10. mathrisk

    Airtel DTH - Internet TV

    Does anyone uses Airtel's Internet TV stb ? I have some queries about it. Does Amazon prime video works in there ? and Kodi ? How is overall experience ? (say compared to other DTH providers) I am using TataSky HD now. And I normally do recharge for the whole year, for all the channels. But...
  11. Ishtiyaq Husain

    FS: Others Airtel 4G Hotspot Unlocked (Jio works) New 2018 Model with Box and Bill

    Airtel 4G Hotspot Unlocked Brand New 2018 Model with Box and Bill Model Number: E5573Cs-609 Works with all networks including Jio Purchased in April 2018
  12. Ishtiyaq Husain

    FS: Others Airtel 4G Hotspot Unlocked (Working with JIO)

    It's working fine. Unlocked, now you can use any sim like jio, idea, vodafone etc.
  13. prabs

    Failtel Strikes again

    So Failtel has recently started advertising Upto 100 mbps for broadband all over the place. So I get a flier in the newspaper and finally decided to go for it. Called up Failtel and the first thing they tell me is - "Sorry only 40 mbps" is available at your place and I thought that is better...
  14. M

    Free 10gb internet for every Airtel postpaid for three months

    Make the most of it, I personally tried and received free 10gb data every month for 3 months. :) " Today is a day of celebrations. Dear Customer, We are celebrating your brand Airtel being declared India’s fastest mobile network. Coming from the world’s largest and most credible speed test...
  15. S

    Has BSNL made some sort of partnership deal with Bharati Airtel ?

    Last few days I have been seeing lots of Bharati IP's on BSNL Broadband. For instance this is my most recent traceroute - [$] traceroute [0:17:15] traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets 1 gateway ( 0.637 ms 1.249 ms 1.662...
  16. raptor3624

    Airtel Broadband - Fraudulent usage

    My Airtel broad band plan is 40GB limit at 4Mbps with an FUP of 512Kbps later. Billing date is 26th of every month. Since last few months I have been seeing that the data is being exhausted with not much activity on my internet from my side. This month, the 40GB limit got exhausted on 16th. I...
  17. raptor3624

    Airtel - 16MBps 1049

    I presently have Rs999-4MBps-40GB(512kbps after limit) plan in my home from Airtel. Comes to Rs 1200 aprox every month including taxes and charges. Airtel called me and offered me Ts1049-16MBps-50GB plan. Couldn't enquire the speed post FUP as the call got cut. Do you think it's a good plan...
  18. mathrisk

    No Offer for Airtel customers from Paytm, Freecharge

    From last few months, all the coupons/offers in Paytm or Freecharge mentioned - not valid for Airtel customers. eg : Any idea why Airtel users are being discriminated ?
  19. raptor3624

    Airtel upload speed is extremely low

    I recently moved to a 1mbps plan to a 4 mbps plan. But the upload speed seems to be very slow. On speed test I get an average of above 3.5mbps download speed but upload shows 0.7 mbps. Is that normal? Airtel CC guy says thats all I get. Airtel upload speeds never are above 1mbps!!