1. starlord

    FS: Others Miscellaneous items For Sale

    Selling Some Miscellaneous items most of them are unused & some of them are sealed please find the details below 1) Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3rd Generation - Sealed Pack Price - 2000 2) USB Cables Type A - Sold 3) USB Cable Type C - Sold 4) HP Wireless Mouse Sealed Pack - Sold 5) Thrumm...
  2. T

    FS: Others Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation

    Lying around since it was imported from US few months after its release. Not used for more than a couple of months. Had already sold it last month but due to a goof-up by the courier, it came back to me after a fortnight. So putting it up for sale once again. It is already packed with the...
  3. 6pack

    Amazon Echo Spot launches in India for Rs 12,999, brings Alexa functionalities on 2.5-inch display

    Source: FirstPost Seems to be selling for 10,499 now on Amazon.
  4. Vagabond

    Amazon Prime Music available in play store...

    Hello All, Much awaited Amazon Prime Music is available to download on play store (at least for android) for prime users... Link to Play Store - First impressions - GUI is nice and simple, not much tools to play with audio, options to crease playlists, Alexa interface (need to see how it...