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  1. Pranav.Falcon

    FS: Others [SOLD] Amazon Gift Card - Code

    For sale is Amazon gift card code for Rs.1900 Expecting around Rs.1700/- Not uploading any pics since it is a code. Mods please let me know in case of anything. Offers via PM :) . Thanks for looking. Have a great day.
  2. 2kool2btrue

    FS: Others 2 x 5k Amazon India Gift Card

    Hi I have 2 gift cards worth Rs. 5000 each. I'm looking to sell them since I don't have use for it any more. Giving a 7.5% off on the card value which turns out to be 4625 per card. If you take both, you can have them for 9200. The cards are valid till 14th of December, 2015. I'd...