1. rravikantt

    Need Advice for Wifi Router to cover Multi-floor

    What is the best solution to buy a reliable wifi router to cover multiple floors? 3 Floors to be precise and around 1000 square feet area. I will be using it with BSNL Fibernet. Will a single router suffice or do I need to get an wifi range extender as well? Budget - 3K (Can stretch a bit, for...
  2. ! 0 t A

    Harassment by Tata Docomo Broadband

    There is this teething issue that i have been battling with Tata Docomo , and now with their "so called" legal department. This issue dates back to Nov, 2015 in Pune, when i had a Tata Docomo broadband connection. I was on a 6 months advanced rental plan which was active on my number for...
  3. jaleel_sh

    PC Peripherals Router suggestion for RailWire

    I have been using D-link DWR 116(RailWire broadband) for past two years, from yesterday the Internet not connected, Service people said that the Wan port was not working, they tested with their own router for checking. Please suggest a good router below 1.5k, to connect pc and smart tv...
  4. K

    Unlimited Broadband @ Hiranandani, Thane

    Hi, My friend is looking for an ISP at Hiranandani, Thane which offers unlimited internet (Without FUP) & justifies the cost which is paid. Can you recommend some ISPs at Hiranandani, Thane ? Also please mention if the listed Isp's would provide caching of downloads.
  5. seshu

    [Hyderabad] need a best wireless broadband service

    please suggest a best wireless broadband service in Hyderabad to be used for a laptop in & around Malakpet, Dilsukhnagar, ...
  6. viktik

    BSNL may increase download speed

    download data rate has been upgraded to 4 Mbps. So i expect minimum download speed increase in near future for all. obviously, they are preparing for competition. at the same time the service is miserable.
  7. raptor3624

    Airtel Broadband - Fraudulent usage

    My Airtel broad band plan is 40GB limit at 4Mbps with an FUP of 512Kbps later. Billing date is 26th of every month. Since last few months I have been seeing that the data is being exhausted with not much activity on my internet from my side. This month, the 40GB limit got exhausted on 16th. I...
  8. raptor3624

    Airtel - 16MBps 1049

    I presently have Rs999-4MBps-40GB(512kbps after limit) plan in my home from Airtel. Comes to Rs 1200 aprox every month including taxes and charges. Airtel called me and offered me Ts1049-16MBps-50GB plan. Couldn't enquire the speed post FUP as the call got cut. Do you think it's a good plan...
  9. viktik

    i emailed TRAI to increase the broadband speed, you should also do so

    I have emailed TRAI to increase the broadband speed to 1024 Kbps or higher. I have given my reason why it should be increased. You should also do so if you want the broadband speed to be increased sooner than later. TRAI email address :
  10. L

    ||Very Urgent|| - Cheap Wifi Broadband Router

    I am gonna use it in a 2BHK, in around 1200-1400 sq ft at max in same floor only. This is for broadband, PPPOE connection not ADSL. Mostly 1-2 laptops and 1-3 phones and a smart TV may be.(currently 2 phone, and 1 laptop) and all wireless. A remote torrent download and media streaming would be...
  11. raptor3624

    Airtel upload speed is extremely low

    I recently moved to a 1mbps plan to a 4 mbps plan. But the upload speed seems to be very slow. On speed test I get an average of above 3.5mbps download speed but upload shows 0.7 mbps. Is that normal? Airtel CC guy says thats all I get. Airtel upload speeds never are above 1mbps!!
  12. Ineffable

    Please suggest a good ISP in Wagle Estate (Thane)

    I am looking for a good ISP here in my place. Please suggest me a good broadband service provider with good customer service here. Thanks.