1. The_GarlicBread

    User Review Ultimate WATER PURIFIER Buying Guide.!

    Hey guys...! I wanted to buy a Water Purifier recently... and call it a habit.. But I NEED to EXTENSIVLY research something before Buying. So.. I thought Let's share my research. Most of us just drink RO Water without even knowing what we are drinking. In Most cases.. The RO Water we drink is...
  2. princeoo7

    Suggestion for 60L or above OTG required

    I want to buy a 60L OTG (Oven, Toaster, and Griller). what option do I have, please suggest :angelic: I have zero knowledge here on the brands so please let me know what too look at. 60L + above is because mom loves cooking and 30L me kuch nahi hoga :rolleyes: found this list from youtube...