buying advice

  1. yp714

    Is trustworthy?

    While hunting for Forza Horizon 4, some people on Reddit suggested this website named "" (Have tried getting it on Microsoft Store, faced too many issues with multiple cards, and finally gave up on it). It seems like they have some really good deals on good games, and the best part...
  2. princeoo7

    Budget 41-50k Is it worth Upgrading to 5900X from 3900X (silicon lottery chip)?

    I own an AMD 3900x (silicon lottery) which I am running at 4.20Ghz on 1.2V on stock cooler. Will be going to Red team for GPU due to requirements. So, it it worth upgrading to a 5900X after selling the 3900X or I should just stick to 3900X. What I do is E-Sports (No Competitive) , Stream at 2k...
  3. rajlodhiya

    Looking to buy a TV but specs are unclear in India

    Hello. I'm looking to buy an all purpose TV, for gaming, movies, computing but there seems to be no way to know the native refresh rates in most cases. Its so ridiculous that when I talked to two different customer service assistants from Samsung, both of them needed explaining as to what a...
  4. S

    Budget 0-20k CPU cooler for Ryzen 5 3600

    I've been using the stock cooler for almost a year, but now I've started recording gameplay and further, with newer games, temps have been reaching 78-90C. Suggest a good cpu cooler for this. Someone in another forum suggested me to get a Deepcool Gammaxx GTE V2 instead of Hyper 212. Is the...
  5. pruthvi89

    Advice on monitor

    Hi, I am finally upgrading from my 24' 1080p 60hz monitor. I am going for 144hz and looking at BenQ EX2780Q (2k) Is this a good buy at 35.9k should I look at any alternatives that I am unaware of? please advice. BenQ EX2780Q 27 Inch QHD 1440p IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor | HDRi | DCI-P3 | 2.1...
  6. K

    Budget 31-40k Need advice for Graphic Card upgrade

    A while back I had purchased a 144hz monitor, and I'm totally loving it but on certain games I'm not able to take advantage of it fully as my system is not pumping out required FPS always. I do not plan to upgrade CPU or any other component anytime soon. I'm thinking about going for RTX 2060...