1. pradeep0047

    WTB Looking For used Gpu to play games at 1080p low settings under 10k

    i am looking for gpu to plays games at 1080p low settings or medium. prices based on how old gpu and need prove of GPU working
  2. S1704

    Looking for a 4k upgrade after 10 years of 1080p. Need help figuring out what to go for.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my old Samsung led to a 4k tv. I've looked at multiple models from different brands but my heart lies with the LG BX 55. I am getting a display model at 92500 from Vijay Sales. Also getting one for 99k from flipkart. Which one should I go for or should I wait...
  3. Alexander193

    WTB GPU around 20k

    I need a gpu under 20k I play vr so need more than 4gb vram gpu maybe a 1060 even a 580 4gb will do dm me with ur prices
  4. Decoy

    WTB gtx 1080/ti

    Im looking for 1080/ti Post/PM your offers with shipping
  5. M

    WTB Looking to buy Used RTX 2060

    Hello , If anyone is looking to sell their Nvidia RTX 2060 , please consider me a buyer as i am actively looking to buy one to replace my AMD RX 570. Location-India ,Bangalore (seller in this location preferred but not necessary) Thanks
  6. U

    WTB Atn a graphics card. Anything above 1070 to 2060 super

    Hi I'm looking for a GPU. Please mention your model and prices. Also this is my first post so idk if add my contact detas are allowed or not. but you can certainly pm and let me know. Thanks
  7. mayank0623

    WTB Looking to buy used RX 480/570/580 or GTX 1060

    Looking to buy any of these. PM me with prices. 6 months warranty would be nice, but not necessary if card is in excellent condition. Max budget 8.5k incl. shipping. Willing to negotiate slightly Thanks
  8. Veek M

    Why don't Indian companies sell to individuals vs NGO/company?

    So I contact this company they make plastic bags that I can buy on AliExpress - a 100 of them for USD 27 ish. INR16/8L pkt. That's the best price I've found - Amazon has some seriously ridiculous prices.. He...
  9. H

    I want to buy used GTX 1060,1070,1080

    Hey everyone, I would like to buy GTX 10 series card.Whichever is the best deal for me.Leave a comment below before pming me.
  10. R

    budget PSU 450-550 watt - India

    I am looking for a budget PSU. My corsair vs (orange) 550 gave up. got it RMA'ed and again after two years, it went kaput. (pc restarts on power fluctuation. I have a good UPS. APC 1100. psu was at fault. not UPS.) my pc- i5 4430 760GT 1 ssd 2 hdd 3 fans and lots of dust
  11. N

    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop under 70K ?

    I want to buy gaming laptop under 70k. Advice me which laptop i should consider. My personal choice is Acer Nitro 5 (i5 variant) suggest me better option if any also suggest me from where should I buy laptops online. Thank you ! :) ;)
  12. creative420

    Budget 21-30k URGENT: Getting a laptop from US. Have to decide today.

    This was the last thread created by me: Unfortunately, because of some payment errors the order was cancelled and now I will have to rely on a purchase from the physical stores in a very remote part of US. Why...
  13. S

    Audio Looking for Ibasso dx80

    Hi, I am looking for dx80 to use with my FLC8s and Fidelio x2. Where can I buy it from? Not able to find it in flipkart and snapdeal price is too steep. I am upgrading from Fiio x3 1st gen. Thanks
  14. T

    Audio Swans m10 customer service

    Hi All I am planning to buy Swans M10 after reading a lot of positive reviews online. But I have two major concerns: 1. There are two sellers 'Hifinage' and 'Pro audio home' which one should I prefer? 2. I am currently in NCR and I am not able to find any swans service center here. What about...
  15. creative420

    Need help from Bhopalis!

    Hello people! I'm a Bhopali who has been living away from the lovely city for a very long time. I'm coming down to Bhopal for Diwali and need help from you guys. I want to assemble a rig for my nephew and I haven't a clue where can I get it done from? I mean it will be awesome if you guys have...
  16. O

    Budget 21-30k CPU + MOBO + SSD 120GB Gaming upgrade build

    What is your budget? 25K (+/- 2000 INR) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Pentium G 620 Motherboard - Gigabyte H61 DXX GPU - XFX R9 270 RAM - Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600MHZ (running at 1066MHZ from 3 years CPU Limited :mad...
  17. anil_sethi

    Help: How to Buy from ?

    Hello Friends, I want to buy few products from As you know we can't pay with our indian paypal. So how to buy products from ? I don't have Credit Card. I only have SBI and Axis bank Debit Cards. Anyone know how to buy from ? And now Gift card also not...