1. PradUp

    Budget 0-20k Best compact Mid-tower case.

    Looking for a case that can fit an ATX mobo with least amount of footprint. That is the primary factor, don't care about RGB or included fans. Don't care about 5.25", 3.5" drive bays. Will be a SSD only system. Budget: Can extend to 8k but preferably around 6k. Also please don't suggest meshify...
  2. Karthik G

    WTB OnePlus One case & buttons + Nexus 4 battery

    I am looking for a nice dual layer or shock proof oneplus case, like also, looking for the power and volume button if in good...
  3. sdhawal2k8

    FS: Cabinets DeepCool Macube 110 White 1month old

    Hi, selling my Deepcool Macube 110 White. Price is fixed at 3000, shipping extra (320/- Fedex for most cities) Its bought at the start of Nov of 2020. I had a b450M mobo, thinking of upgrading mobo b550 ATX, so selling this case off. Features an inbuilt GPU anti-sag stand. NO SCRATCHES WHAT...
  4. T

    FS: Others [SOLD] Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 with Layers case

  5. A

    FS: Cabinets Fractal Design Node 304 (1 month old / used for 12 days))

    Hi, selling my Fractal Design Node 304- I'm making a custom case instead and would like to go ahead with that. I love this case and really want to mod it and add a few things- but stopping myself since its a high end case. I already have my DIY case going on in the side. The case has been only...
  6. S

    Help Buying Mid-Tower Case For My Ryzen

    Advice Please.. My build - Ryzen 2600x B450 Gaming Carbon Pro AC 2x 1Tb WD WD SSD 8Gb DDR4 Seasonic S12II 520W (1 year old) As the title suggest.. i need help regarding buying a good mid tower case with good air flow, plenty of fan options and future upgrades. I have bought all the items...
  7. Darkflicker

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Corsair AF140 x 3 (140mm), Gigabyte x 2 (120mm) Case Fans

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Corsair AF140, Gigabyte 120mm Expected Price: Corsair AF140: Rs 700/- each. Gigabyte 120mm: Rs. 500/- each. Source and Time of Purchase: Got with Corsair 750D and Gigabyte AC300W. Corsair fans are 6 months old and Gigabyte fans are 3 months...
  8. P

    PC Cabinet

    My previous cabinet was a full tower going up 2ft. Currently overhauling my study room and would like a smaller one. Thus, looking to buy mid tower or smaller Cabinet. Ideal height is 1 to 1.5 ft ~ 12 to 18 inches Don't care about: Bill, warranty, how old it is. Care about: dust filters no. of...
  9. divyesh2129

    FS: Mobile Samsung S8 / S8 Plus Cases

    For Sale ! Local Cases For Samsung S8 Plus Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL : Local Cases For Samsung S8 Plus Expected Price : Rs 500 for Both + Shipping Source and Time of Purchase : Oct 2017 Reason for Sale : Not Needed RMA/Servicing history : None Product Condition : 9 out 10...
  10. T

    FS: Others Raspberry Pi 2 v1.1 with Layers Case and optional 32 GB, Triple-Boot MicroSD Card

    I had purchased it as a hobbyist a little over 2 years ago and had tinkered with it for a while using Raspbian before eventually setting it up as a HTPC/retro-console. However, I really didn't need the Pi for that use case since I already had more powerful devices for the job. Hence, the device...
  11. theGloaming

    PC Peripherals Case / Cabinet with many HDD support

    I'm building a home server for the first time which would (initially) also have a FreeNAS setup running within. I'm looking for a good case for this, and not getting too far with my research Needs: - As it's housing a server/FreeNAS, it needs to run 24x7. Thus reliability of the box and all...
  12. thenoob

    FS: Mobile Original Spigen ultra hybrid 2nd generation case and TOZO ultra thin case for iPhone 7

    Original Spigen ultra hybrid 2nd generation case and TOZO ultra thin case for iPhone 7 1) Original Spigen ultra hybrid 2nd generation case worth Rs 1199 at Rs 550 (condition 5 on 5) 2) TOZO ultra thin case worth Rs 1100 at Rs 450 (condition 4 on 5) Good Condition like new rarely used cases.
  13. mach9

    FS: Cabinets Price Drop : NZXT Phantom 410 ATX MID TOWER - Black

    Have my cabinet up for sale since I prefer a larger case for my GTX1080 and cooling. I've been abroad for most of last year and so this system has barely seen any use. Purchased from Prime ABGB in May last year, condition is pretty good 4/5 with no scratches on the side panels or transparent...
  14. IceFusion

    FS: Others Multiple Things - Clearance

    Product Name: Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML (4GB RAM, 32GB storage) with Asus original Flip case Expected Price: SOLD Shipping charges - Actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: 3 yrs old. Reason for Sale: Shifted to another phone Product condition: 8 out of 10 Purchase...
  15. G

    Wireless Qi Charging Case for Bluetooth Headphones / Fitness Tracker

    Hey guys, I would like to know your thoughts about a Wireless Qi Charging Case for bluetooth headphones / fitness tracker. This is basically a conventional charging casa with a built in battery that charges your headphones / fitness tracker (up to 6 times maybe), the difference is that when you...
  16. iosoft

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Computer Case Thumbscrews METAL BLACK

    PC Cabinet Thumbscrews. 4 pcs a pack. Color: Black Material: Metal Thread: 6-32 Price: 100/- per pack + shipping
  17. D

    Budget 0-20k Help to Fix the Best Case and RGB Fans!

    My build is somehow complete and will start to sort all the parts on coming two months. Once the build is done, it'll be ready to host a show all day. I may go with custom waterblocks and necessary pump kits in future or maybe at the start of building and I'm going to be cooling the CPU and GTX...
  18. st_sarc

    PC Peripherals Best mid-size to full-size cabinet

    I have been lately struggling to get a good cabinet which will fit in my room. Major space constraints. :( Max height : 22inches(55.88 cm) Max depth : 20 inches(50.81 cm) My graphics card : Gigabyte G1 GTX 970. It's the longest one out there. Looking for: Looks are great. Excellent cable...
  19. jammy420

    FS: Cabinets 1 year old Cooler Master N200 Mini Tower Computer Case

    Selling my 1 year old CM N200 case Very good condition. The current market price is 4k+ . Changing my cabinet, as I feel it is too big for a HTPC.