1. raf1988

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding CORSAIR LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop Fans - 3x PC Fans with RGB Controller / Hub. (Aesthetically Good RGB Fans)

    For Sale - 3x CORSAIR LL140 RGB 140mm Dual Light Loop Fans with 1 Lighting Node + 1 RGB LED Controller Hub. Price - 4,500₹ (Final and lowest price. You will not find anything lower elsewhere for 3x Fans + Controllers.) I have set it at this low price because I do not require them and have no...
  2. C

    FS: Cabinets Noctua NF-A14 fans for sale

    Selling my Noctua NF-A14 fans, in very good condition. It is still under warranty and were not in use for around 7-8 months due to me travelling to my hometown for an extended stay there. Still in warranty(4.5+ years of warranty left). Selling it because I am upgrading my CPU cooler to AIO and...
  3. R

    WTB Case Fans

    Hey guys, I need the below mentioned fans:- 1) arctic p12 fans X 2 fans (if whole value pack then that's awesome) OR 2) thermaltake toughfan12 X 2 fans 3) Nocuta nf-a12x15-pwm X 5 fans(these are slim fans plus chromax are priority)
  4. cisco_tech

    FS: Others Carputer Setup And Other Peripherals

    Up for sale my carputer setup. I have sold my swift last week which served me quite good for 12 years. So many memories with the car and Carputer. ***UPDATED WITH NEW PIC*** 1) MSI E350IAE45 Motherboard Specs : MSI E350 Expected Price : 3500 2) Corsair 2GB DDR3 RAM 1300Mhz RAM Expected Price ...
  5. A

    FS: Others Cabinets, PSU, GPU, Fan, Keyboard

    Hello good people of TE. Selling off/giving away some stuff that has been sitting around for a while. Please PM for further discussion. 1. Thermaltake Core V21 Cabinet. Bought new in April from MDComputers for 6,300/-. Has all accessories and box. Expecting 3.5K. Invoice attached. Shipping...
  6. D

    Budget 0-20k Help to Fix the Best Case and RGB Fans!

    My build is somehow complete and will start to sort all the parts on coming two months. Once the build is done, it'll be ready to host a show all day. I may go with custom waterblocks and necessary pump kits in future or maybe at the start of building and I'm going to be cooling the CPU and GTX...