1. R

    FS: Others [SOLD] 2000 INR Cleartrip voucher got from SBI

    Didn't find the original message to screenshot from.
  2. niceguy1430

    FS: Others SOLD : 2000/- Cleartrip Gift Voucher

    For Sale is a 2000/- Cleartrip GV which I received from SBI Card, but I have no scheduled air travel in the near future, so someone can pick this up. Its not locked to any account, anyone can use it by entering the number and Pin on Cleartrip website. Validity : 14th March 2021 Sold to @lanny25
  3. C

    FS: Others Cleartrip voucher for Rs. 2000 valid till 10/04/2021

    Not required as I do most of my travel in car.
  4. vigilante

    FS: Others Cleartrip gift card worth 1000

    Cleartrip gift voucher worth 1000 Rs. Can be used on cleartrip site and app for bookings. Upto 3 gift cards can be applied per booking. Valid till 14th Feb 2018. I have added a screenshot with card number and pin obscured. The card number and pin can be provided via email or message after...