1. T

    FS: Storage Hardware Western Digital My Cloud NAS | 4 Tb

    For Sale WD My Cloud 4Tb!! Product Name: WD My Cloud 4 Tb Expected Price: Rs 12,000/- Shipping charges: As applicable (Do note: due to covid-19 the shipping my be delayed) Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Brand spanking...
  2. S

    User Review My first ever NAS device - Synology DS218j Review

    Prelude It was one of those many Fridays when I was lying down on the couch after giving 12 hours of my daily life to work and watching random tech reviews. While scrolling mindlessly, a review for best NAS devices caught my eye and I thought “Why would someone compare NAS devices? Aren’t they...
  3. Ramadhir Singh

    Beware Western Digital My Cloud users, your file is accessible to anyone !

    Those planning to buy Western Digital My Cloud, avoid it. Those who already have them read this very seriously. WD has injected their devices with hard-coded backdoor to access your data. WD devices allow remote backdoor admin access WD devices allow remote backdoor admin access through the...
  4. gREen

    Android Nextbit's Robin - The Cloud Powered Phone

    Been following for quite some time and today they launched robin, liked the design element and specs, its kinda like a pop style with flashing colors. on kickstater campanig. Meet Robin