1. Ebil

    FS: Others Gemini Serato Slate DJ Controller

    Imported from US. Wasn't used much. Great for someone dipping their hands in the hobby.
  2. GeeBee007

    FS: Others Cosmicbyte Ares wireless controller (White)

    Bought as a temporary controller until i get the one i ordered from overseas. Only game i played on this is The Last of us. After that its been sitting in box. SOLD OUTSIDE FORUM MODS CLOSE THREAD
  3. S

    FS: Others Redgear Wireless Controllers

    Bought this last year around July, did not see much use as I prefer the DualShock layout more than this (and MKB > Controller). Have both the boxes and extra receivers. Price for each controller 1000 Both at 1800 Preferring F2F over shipping but open to it
  4. Usman Raza

    FS: Games Ps4 dualshock control

    Selling my ps4 dualshock controller as not in use I have got a ps5 Its around 1.5 years old Dont have the bill or box for it Just the controller Can be picked up in ghaiziabad UP Or can be shipped 7 days testing warranty will be provided from my side Sold outisde forum. Please close thread mods
  5. Usman Raza

    FS: Games Xbox series s/x controller with dongle and battery pack

    Xbox series x/s controller Bought on 3rd may 2023 Box lost 2 months old Dongle has lost bill and box Battery pack no box no bill Excellent condition Literally unused As i use ps5 controller
  6. nitin_g3

    Dualsense Controller Joystick replacement parts availability in India

    My PS5 Dualsense Controller's right analog Joystick is suffering from godforsaken drift issue. I've cleaned the parts based on guides available on youtube but the issue is not completely gone. The last resort is to replace the joystick hardware. I'm thinking of doing it myself by de-soldering...
  7. ReVo_007

    FS: Consoles Xbox One Controller

    Do not require this controller anymore. It has not been used a lot. I have the documents but no bill or box for it.
  8. M

    FS: Consoles XBOX Controller

    Have this Xbox controller for sale. Bump price reduced to 3.2k Bump price dropped to 3.2k
  9. khanr1437

    FS: Consoles PS5 Controller For Sale (White) DS5

    Selling A Basically New PS5 Controller (White) As I had bought from my friend to play Steam games but didnt get enought time to do so It has remained in the box as shown in the picture for a couple of months , but I did charge it to check if all the buttons are working properly Gamepad Test...
  10. K

    FS: Others Logitech F310 (Wired) & Cosmic Byte C3070W Joysticks

    Looking to sell Logitech F310 (Wired) & Cosmic Byte C3070W Nebula (Wireless) for a combined price of Rs. 2250. Both working fine and in Cosmic Byte receiver lost some of its plastic but it works alright.
  11. jmaniac

    WTB Nvidia Shield TV Remote or Controller 2015/2017/2019

    As is title, looking to buy the Nvidia Shield TV Remote or Controller. PM me your offers shipping to 625010.
  12. andrew327

    FS : Google Wifi Mesh Router / Apple Time capsule 1TB & 2TB / Fire TV Pendant 3rd Gen / Kindle / Xbox One Bluetooth Controller n MoREeeEeeee .....

    Item is used and normal wear and tear is visible on the product. Everything works as it should. Item condition as shown in the picture. 1 - Google Wifi Mesh router 3 Pack with original adapter - 16500 2 - Google Wifi Mesh router 1 Pack [ no adapter ] - 5000 3 - Apple Time capsule 1TB - 7500...
  13. D

    FS: Others Wireless Gamepad Unused

    Cosmic Byte Nebula 2.4G Wireless Gamepad , Rubberized Texture sold my gaming pc last year, not been used since then, vibration is really good, comes with box & all accessories , used for 10-15hrs total . Condition is brand new. Keep the thread clean
  14. Prisoner627

    Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Wireless Controller Carbon Black for ₹4799.

    Both in Amazon and Flipkart (can add something worth ₹200 to reach ₹5000 and become eligible for card offer). Is this the right time to buy or wait for Amazon great gaming days?
  15. shadowfax90

    WTB WTB GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller

    Looking to buy a used GuliKit KingKong 2 Pro Controller preferably in Bangalore.
  16. itachim17

    FS: Others Multiple Items Sale- Xbox One, Controller, Static Fans, Car Seat Warmer

    1.XBOX One 1tb with One controller + Xbox play and charge kit Asking Price: 12k (Negotiable) Condition: 4 out of 5 Warranty: Out of Warranty. 2. High Static Fans 120MM Asking Price: 400/- Condition: 5 out of 5 (Never Used) Warranty: out of warranty. Bought in 2021 may 3.Car Seat Warmer Asking...
  17. R

    FS: Others Xbox wireless controller - Robot White

    For sale is Xbox controller. Very less used maybe 40 hours. Everything works perfectly and no stick drift. I have added a video of gamepad tester for stick drift verification in the zip added to this thread. Please keep the thread clean and for any issues and suggestions use the PM route. Happy...
  18. GeeBee007

    FS: Consoles Xbox controller (Almost brand new) White

    Selling Xbox controller + usb adapter for xbox controller. Both are in like brand new condition. Only games i played on it is Unchartered4/plague tale. So condition is really good like unused. After that its just lying in box. Looking to sell both as combo..If i get individual offer for both...
  19. drxart

    WTB PS5 Controller

    Looking for a PS5 controller Preferably around Bangalore With original bills Bump
  20. K

    Used PSP Go for 3k, yay or nay?

    The owner said it doesn't boot up, but he doesn't have a charger to check if it's working or not. He told me - he sold his previous 3 (!) PSP Gos, and all of them needed their display cable to be cleaned, after which they all worked. Claims it's more likely the case for this as well. I want...