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    WTB OnePlus One - Dead Or Alive

    #Wtb One Plus One for parts if you got one do PM.
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    FS: Others PC Cabinet 5.25" Drive Bay Cover

    The following is for sale: PC Cabinet 5.25" Bay Cover. If you had an old CD writer or something similar and removed it and now the cabinet has a open bay, you can use these to cover it up. These were initially made for a old CPU I was building, but that ran into issues. This is not of any...
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    FS: Cabinets Fractal Design Node 304 (1 month old / used for 12 days))

    Hi, selling my Fractal Design Node 304- I'm making a custom case instead and would like to go ahead with that. I love this case and really want to mod it and add a few things- but stopping myself since its a high end case. I already have my DIY case going on in the side. The case has been only...
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    Mesh Wifi system

    Looking to buy a mesh Wifi system. If anyone has a system up for sale, lemme know. Please PM me the price including shipping to Bangalore. Thanks.
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    FS: Others Moto G3 Original Shell Waterproof and Cover

    Hi Am selling 2 items that I had purchased for my Moto G3 Phone. Pictures of the items are attached 1) Moto G3 Original Shell New Sealed Pack - This is a brand new original Motorola product. This will keep your phone waterproof unlike any other shells sold in the market. Bought this for Rs...