1. R

    FS: Home Audio Video (SOLD) Earstudio Es100 mk1

    Got it used in a Fb group, not sure how old it is. Works great, battery is average as it doesn't show accurate reading from the mobile app. You need a micro usb cable to charge it as the one I got is missing. It gets plenty loud if you have a balanced 2.5mm cable for headphones, tried it with my...
  2. TheCoolerPlayer

    User Review The best (budget) USB DAC AMP - Apple USB C to 3.5mm

    Hi all, This might seem a bit of a strange review but this has been one of the most surprising purchases for me. I had been searching for USB based DAC AMP from about 2 months, and came to know about Apple's type c to 3.5 dongle about 2 weeks ago (made for the newer iPad Pros which don't have a...
  3. N

    WTB Powerful Portable AMP

    Looking for a powerful portable AMP (like Fiio A5, E12, etc.) or DAC-AMP. Also willing to buy something like the Liquid Spark/Bravo Ocean/Schiit
  4. H

    FS: Home Audio Video Fiio E10K Olympus 2 Dacamp

    The device was purchased from Amazon India. The color is black. Its scratch-less. It has been used with care. https://www.fiio.co.in/collections/portable-amp-dac/products/fiio-e10k-usb-dac-headphone-amplifier Expected Price (Rs): SOLD Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: 6th June 2018...