data recovery

  1. E

    Storage Solutions 1TB Toshiba external drive suddenly crashed

    My Toshiba 1 TB drive suddenly crashed yesterday while I was saving files. It was perfectly fine until then. The data is very important to me because I had backed up all my important data from my internal drives and deleted the originals because I am retiring that Windows machine and moving to...
  2. sid41299

    Storage Solutions Recovering data from a Retina MBP SSD

    My 2015 Macbook Pro died, and I need to recover the data from the drive, but I'm not finding any Apple 12+16 pin -> M.2 adapters, only the other way around. The only two external enclosures I've seen listed on amazon dot in are also marked as "Currently Unavailable". Any help or links would be...
  3. Futureized

    Windows Online data recovery from Windows 10 laptop ?

    A friend of mine (not at all techy) has windows 10 laptop, he accidentally SHIFT+DELETED an important folder. Got very crucial data in same.. I have a Windows 7 PC, are there any tools (which can be bought) to do online data recovery ? Thanks.
  4. M

    4 TB WD Red Died in 2.5 years

    Hi All, Since yesterday night I have been tearing my hair off. My file server PC which I access via Windows Remote Connection froze up last night. I tried restarting and then forced a restart via the restart button on the cabinet. It booted on the second try and then I saw...