dual channel

  1. Skyh3ck

    Budget 0-20k Laptop RAM Upgrade - 4 GB soldered + one empty slot - Dual Channel - question

    Hello I have Lenovo V130 - 15IKB laptop Intl Core i3 - 8130 Processor 1 TB HDD 1 WD 500 GB SSD installed in m.2 slot Windows 10 installed on WD m.2 slot SSD 4 GB DDR4 RAM Already soldered by manufacturer, one Slot it empty, as per Lenovo the laptop supports maximum 12 GB RAM Now i want to...
  2. Psycho_McCrazy

    DDR-3 1600 9-9-9-24 RAM 2x8GB Dual Channel Kit

    Hi All, I want to purchase a 16GB Dual Channel Kit of DDR-3 1600 9-9-9-24 RAM (2x8GB) Expected damages to my wallet: INR 5500 odd. Preferred Brand is Corsair Vengeance. I'm located in NCR. Bank Transfer / Cash are OK.